The Beautiful Crater Lake

Ashinoko  Kanagawa  Japan

Visit Hakone, the hot spring resort closest to Tokyo. Lake Ashi is introduced as part of Hakone by many guides. This is a crater lake created by an eruption, It features a landform with a mountain ridge all around. The contrast between Mt. Hakone, which is still active, and the quiet Lake Ashi is attractive. “The Beautifurl Crater Lake”, the blue of the early morning sky reflected on the surface of the lake. At sunset, it reflects and looks gold. It changes dramatically throughout the day. Let’s spend the holidays only in this beautiful place.


Owakudani Station  Sightseeing

Highlights of sightseeing in Hakone as well as Lake Ashi. You can see the volcanic activity of Hakone volcano up close. The fumaroles that blow up, the smell of sulfur, and the heat of the ground. This is in the volcanic belt. See the history of this area at the Hakone Geo Museum and eat the famous black egg.
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<Hakone Komagatake Ropeway>
Hakone-en Hakone Motomiya Shrine

The most spectacular place in Hakone and Lake Ashi. It takes about 7 minutes from Hakone-en on the shore of Ashino Lake to Komagatake on the summit. A crater lake spreads out below you, and you can see Mt. Fuji, the surrounding mountains, and even the sea. It’s a geography textbook. And at the summit of Mt. Komagatake at an altitude of 1356m, there is a shrine called Hakone Motomiya. This is a symbol of mountain worship.

<Hakone Sekisho>
Hakone Sightseeing

Guests from abroad will learn a little about the history of this place. This is the gateway to the Edo(Tokyo) area, which is road called Tokaido to connects Edo and Kyoto during the Middle Ages. There was a facility for inspection and tax collection called Hakone Sekisyo. It was abolished after the end of the Edo period and the current facility was rebuilt in 2007.
Hakone Sekisho

<Narukawa Art Museum>
Motohakone  Museum

A private museum famous as a museum with a good view. The collection of 4000 Japanese paintings ranges from historical masterpieces to excellent works selected by this museum. And the fascinating exhibition to be held is as wonderful as Ashino Lake, which changes its expression depending on the season. You can also take pictures of some of the exhibited works (no flash), so you can study for yourself. And the tea lounge overlooking Mt. Fuji is also wonderful. 
Narukawa Museum

<Bakery & Table Hakone>
Bakery  Cafe  Restaurant  Footbath

A popular cafe restaurant on the lakeside of Ashino Lake. The bakery on the first floor and the footbath in front of it, the cafe on the 2nd floor and the restaurant on the 3rd floor. The higher the floor, the better the view. The best is the bar seat of the restaurant on the 3rd floor.

Japanese Sweets Cafe

A traditional Japanese teahouse that retains the atmosphere of the old Tokaido. Delicious sourness “Tokoroten”,  Freshly cooked soft “Chikara mochi”, And the elegant sweetness of “Amasake”. All of them can only be eaten here. Experience the inspiring taste of old travelers.

<WOODSIDE dining & Hakone-Retreat fore >
French  Restaurant  &  Hotel

A French restaurant that uses ingredients from this area and has the theme of local production for local consumption. It is popular for its bright interior and nice terrace, which uses a lot of glass. Available throughout the day for breakfast buffet, lunch and dinner. This is also the site of Hakone Retreat fore, a popular Hotel and is a great base for your trip.
Woodside dining

<The Prince Hakone Lake Ashinoko>
Ashino Lake  Hotel

The hotel and architectural heritage in the best location on the lakeside of Lake Ashi. A work of Togo Murano, an architect, built in 1978. At that time, the Japanese economy was in a period of stable growth. Well-funded architecture is elaborate in every detail. And the beauty of Ashino Lake in the morning and evening in front of the cylindrical guest room is also wonderful.
The Prince