The SPA with ART

Hakone  Kanagawa  Japan

Hakone is the most accessible hot spring resort from Tokyo. Only 90 minutes by Odakyu special express train from Shinjuku. This is one of the best hot spring resorts in Japan in terms of history, culture, and the large number of hot springs. The place you should definitely visit even if Hakone is far from Tokyo. From Hakone Yumoto, the gateway to Hakone, take a nice mountaineering train to explore the 20 hot springs. And there are many art spots here. The place where the business model of building an art museum in a tourist spot was first established in Japan. “Spa with Art” A trip to experience two attractions.


<Hakone Museum of Art>
Gora Hakone Garden Museum

Hakone’s most wonderful garden “Shinsenkyo” is located on the steep slope of Gora. A garden made of huge stones that flew from Hakone volcano, which has erupted many times since ancient times. The megaliths and beautiful plants in the garden are not artificial but very beautiful. “Moss garden”, “Sekirakuen” and tea house “Shinwatei” have their own charms, and they are wonderful every time you visit.
Hakone Museum of Art

<The Hakone Open-Air Museum>
Gora Hakone  Museum

The first open-air museum in Japan. It is one of the oldest and most famous museum in Hakone. There are wonderful works on the large site. Some of them are fun for kids, and there is art that you can enjoy to go inside and climb.
The Hakone Open-Air Museum

<Pola Museum of Art>
Sengokuhara Hakone  Museum

The museum of modern architecture built in beautiful nature. It holds 10,000 works collected by the founding family of POLA ORBIS HD. Especially in the Impressionist collection, it is the largest in Japan, and there are well-known works such as Monet, Renoir, and Van Gogh. Although it is not possible to shoot works, we have started renting out image data of the works in our collection. This is very good for the development of art.
Pola Museum of Art

<Okada Museum of Art>
Kowakudani Hakone  Museum

The private museum that mainly holds Japanese art and oriental art. We can’t take pictures of the works, but both the ceramics and the paintings are attractive. Guests from overseas are also recommended. The on-site foot-bath cafe and restaurant Kaikatei are also popular.
Okada Museum of Art

Tonosawa Hakone  Japanese restaurant

This is the place to eat delicious Japanese food in Hakone. The beautiful story that begins with appetizers is Kyoto style. The specialty “Tai Gohan” and “Tai Chazuke” are rice dishes made with sea bream, and you’ll be very satisfied with whichever you choose. Let’s make a reservation before visiting.

<Gora Brewery & Grill>
Gora Hakone  Restaurant Beer brewery

The restaurant produced by Nobu Matsuhisa, who is known worldwide for the NOBU brand. The Impressive deep red building restaurant with brewery. Special beers using Hakone’s natural water and delicious meals are waiting for you. It’s a popular spot, so make a reservation before visiting.

<Cu-mo Hakone>
Sounzan Hakone  Sightseeing

Hakone is a mountain railway from Yumoto Station to Gora Station, and a cable car from Gora Station to Sounzan Station. The end point in the deep mountains, the terrace on the second floor is a beautiful observatory. Let’s enjoy the waiting time of Rope Way here.
Souunzan Sta

Tonosawa Hakone  Japanese Inn Hotel

Hakone has more accommodation options than any other hot spring resort in Japan. From classic hotels, which are said to be the pioneers of Japanese resort hotels, to sophisticated Japanese inns, everything is wonderful. Among them, I would like to recommend the most traditional “Kansuiro” to guests from overseas. The purpose of the trip is to feel Japanese culture and history.