The Hayama Style

Hayama  Kanagawa  Japan

The sea in Hayama is calm. There is no image of a rough sea. Sit in a place where you can see the sea and just look at the sea. Many people want to spend their time slowly like this. Buses are the only public transportation from Zushi train station. The inconvenience is the reason for the quiet area. However, the outfit in this area is fashionable. Don’t wear expensive things. Dressing is the essence of marine. People are casual but good-looking, going to the sea and going to a restaurants. The color matching of room wear is also very good. That is Hayama Style.


<Akiya Coast>
Hayama  Tourist spot

The most beautiful Beach in Hayama. Rockless sandy beaches and quiet waves. This beach is perfect for reading a book or taking a nap. The biggest attraction is the “Akiya stone” on the edge of the beach. The sunset is a dramatic show, and the highlight is the co-starring of the orange sun and rock silhouettes.

<The Museum of Modern Art Hayama>
Hayama  Museum  Cafe

Hayama has many mountains near the sea. This museum is located on a hill near the Isshiki coast and has a great view of the sea. The public art museum operates two museums, Kamakura and Hayama, and has a large collection of masterpieces of Japanese Western-style paintings. Above all, the view from the cafe is wonderful, so let’s take a nice seat. 
moma Kanagawa

Hayama  Shop

A store that everyone knows in Hayama. There are so many colorful flip-flops on sale. It’s rare to find a store that sells so much. T-shirts and hoodies with the logo you often see in this area are also popular. It’s a reasonable price, so buy a lot and enjoy the coordination

Hayama  Apparel Shop

The Morito coastline is an area in Hayama where the old town remains and has a nice atmosphere. The apparel shop “ATRCTR” opened here in November 2020. A surfboard is placed in the center of the store, and items suitable for this area are displayed. The staff at the shop are also nice, so please visit.

Hayama  Bag Shop

There is a shop on the back street. If the store is open, you’re lucky. This is a shop with an atelier of handmade canvas bags by men who are designers and craftsmen. Here, request the size and color based on the sample and receive it at a later date. Travelers from overseas can buy the products on display and go home.

Hayama Hamburger  Cafe restaurant

This is a delicious hamburger and sandwich shop in Hayama. Many people visit during the high season. It is a restaurant using an old folk house, and antique furniture is used for the interior. You can relax as a cafe in the quiet season when summer is over.

Hayama  Italian restaurant

This is a famous Sicilian restaurant with delicious seafood. Many regulars have a good understanding of Italian food. All the food is really delicious in Sicilian style. “Today’s fish dishes” is recommended, and customers and shop staff discuss how to cook and serve it.

<Hayama Umino Hotel>
Hayama  Hotel

This boutique hotel opened in 2020 on the mountainside near the Morito coast. It quickly became popular due to its excellent location in and the good atmosphere of the cafe “Sandbar”. The view from the guest room on the sea side is wonderful. Reasonable accommodation fee is the best for long-term stay.

<Hayama Otowanomori>
Hayama  Hotel

Hayama’s symbol hotel opened in 1987. You can overlook the beautiful sea from anywhere in the hotel. The blue umbrellas in the cafe are like the Cote d’Azur. Recently, This hotel has been closed for renovations since the spring of 2022. And it is scheduled to reopen in the fall of 2023. The history of Hayama continues.