The Hot Springs Peninsula

Izu Peninsula Shizuoka Japan

Japan is a country of hot springs. There are many volcanoes all over Japan, and there are hot springs everywhere due to their volcanic activity. The Izu Peninsula, which is known as a tourist destination, has volcanoes throughout the peninsula, and there are many hot springs not only inland but also near the sea. There are a lot of tourist spot, nice small town, delicious seafood, and traditional hot spring baths. Take your first Izu from Ito, on the eastern side of the peninsula, by train to the south, Hokkawa, Kawazu, and then head to beautiful Shimoda at the southern end where Japan opened a port in 1857 for diplomatic relations with foreign countries.


Ito Onsen Spa

Ito was once a prosperous tourist destination. Many stores are closed when getting off the station now. Walk to the historic building Tokaikan in 10 minutes while feeling lonely and  prosperity. The huge wooden building was once a hot spring hotel and is still a symbol of Ito. We can’t stay now, but we can use the hot spring bath and cafe.

Ito Sushi Restaurant

It is famous for getting a lot of seafood in the sea of Izu. A restaurant recommended for those who want to eat sushi made from seafood caught in this sea. This is a family owned sushi restaurant. Let’s get advice from a chef and eat Izu fishes.

Hokkawa Onsen Ryokan Hotel

Heading south Izu area from Ito along the coast, a lot of hot spring inn is built on the slopes of many mountains right next to the sea. This area is Hokkawa hot spring. The Bousui Ryokan is a wonderful hotel with a room overlooking the sea, a bath and a spa. On a sunny day, the view form the room is amazing.

<Kawazu Nanadaru>
Kawazu Waterfall

Kawazu Station which is near the sea, moves a few kilometers inland, and the sea is already in the mountains. On the Izu Peninsula, there is ,Mt.Aamagi with the highest peak of 1406m and many mountains. The abundant water flowing from the mountains and make seven series of waterfalls the name Kawazu Nanadaru. The highlight is the most downstream Otaki with a height of 30m.

Kawazu Onsen Ryokan Inn

Novel “The Dancing Girl of Izu” set in Izu Peninsula, which is Nobel Prize winner Yasunari Kawabata’s timeless masterpiece. Fukudaya was the stage of the “The Dancing Girl of Izu” that was also made into a movies. We will see the same appearance as when the work was written, if we cross the elegant bridge over the Kawazu River. The two baths have a history, and the indoor baths are particularly attractive. Come and stay in the room where Yasunari Kawabata stayed.

<Izu Shirahamaohama Kaisuiyokujo>
Shimoda Beach

When the Izu Peninsula reaches shimoda, the sea water is really beautiful. This is the most famous beach, and large number of people visit the 700m wide sandy beach. There are many other beautiful beaches in Shimoda. Please check in on the website.

<Perry Road and Ryosenji Temple>
Shimoda Temple

Shimoda is the place where Japan put an end the 200 years isolation policy  and began to interact with foreign countries. It started with the arrival of Admiral Perry’s fleet to Japan in 1853. Concluded The Shimoda treaty in 1857. About 400m from Shimoda Port to Ryosenji Temple where is the event in history, called US-Japan Peace Treaty.   Discover the history of Japan by walking along the streets that retain the atmosphere of the time.

Shimoda Japanese Restaurant

Unagi is eel in english, Unagi is a nutritious and popular food for physical strength. Japanese especially like to eat in summer. The wonderful restaurant that makes the eel perfect with traditional cooking methods. Be sure to make a reservation the rice bowl topped with grilled eel the name “Unajiu” and visit exactly at the exact time. The guest meet best one!

<Kanaya Ryokan>
Shimoda Onsen Spa

This hot spring inn has the largest Japanese cypress bath in Japan. The name is called Sennin-buro, which is a bath where 1000 people can take a bath. It’s not very available, of course, but it’s so nice. It is possible to use only the bath.