The Gastronomic Town

Kanazawa Ishikawa Japan

For travelers who have already visited major cities in Japan, Cultural Kanazawa should be, the first local city to visit. Arriving in about two and a half hours from Tokyo by bullet train. The old Japanese townscape still remains because it was not bombed by World WarⅡ. And the production of crafts, pottery, lacquerware, and textiles still remains. These are cultures cultivated by the Kaga Clan, who ruled from the 17th century too late 19th century. This is a gastronomic town, and there are many wonderful restaurants that produce delicious food from beautiful seafood and ingredients from this area.


Kanazawa Japanese Tourist Spot Garden

A beautiful garden chosen as one of the Japan’s three famous gardens, the wonderful no matter what season you visit. Plum blossom, Cherry blossom, Autumn colors, and winter with snow, You can take great pictures whenever you come. I like summer with beautiful green leaves and blu sky. It is located on the same hill as Kanazawa Castle, and the structure that draws water, From the upstream of the Sai River to the garden with artificial waterway is also interesting

<21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa>
Kanazawa Museum

An expansive circle building on the ground floor and the basement floor by famous Japanese architects. Low-side building that dose not spoil the atmosphere of nearby Kenrokuen Garden and Kanazawa Castle. A collection of relatively new modern art works since 1980, the cultural city of Kanazawa is a place where you can touch not only tradition but also new things.

Kanazawa Japanese Restaurant

The garden restaurant located right next to Kenrokuen. It’s history goes back 400 years and you can enjoy your meal while looking out over the beautiful Japanese garden. Here is Kanazawa, food is also cultural, it’s a corse meal called Kaga cuisine. Please check the website as the restaurant is only available for reservation.

Kanazawa Samurai Tourist Spot Residence

The Samurai residence located in the center of this area called Nagamachi. A valuable cultural heritage to know how people lived at that time. There is a tea room in the building where you can drink Japanese tea. Why don’t you take a walk with the nearby Seseragi street.

<Nishi Chaya District>
Kanazawa Area Tourist Spot

Nishi(West) Chaya district, which is said to be one of the three major Chaya districts in Kanazawa. Chaya is a houes for entertained by females who trained in singing, dancing and art of conversations.
You can walk around this area in 30 minutes. There is a wonderful sweets shop called ”Amanatto in Kawamura”. It goes very well with Japanese tea, Black tea and coffee.

<Kazue Chaya District>
Kanazawa Area Tourist Spot

The other two of Kanazawa’s three major Chaya district are Higashi(East) Chaya district and Kazue Chaya district, these are very close. Sushi restaurant “Asanogawa” is located at the entrance of Kazue Chaya district. Enjoy good Kanazawa seasonal sushi at a nice restaurant.

<Higashi Chaya District>
Kanazawa Area Tourist Spot

Higashi(West) Chaya the most wonderful area in Kanazawa where you can walk. You can meet not only wonderful shops but also photogenic spots. In this area, you can rent and wear traditional Japanese clothing such as Yukata and Kinomo. And you can also ride a rickshaw. There is a nice little sushi restaurant “Mitsukawa”, in a complicated alley. You will have delicious sushi here, the owner also running sushi restaurant in Tokyo.

Kanazawa Higashi Chaya District
Japanese Bed and Breakfast

A wonderful Japanese inn has dinner and breakfast. The purpose of the trip is to eat at a restaurant in the city and staying in a historic machiya architecture. Here is the accommodation that will fulfill your wish. You will be satisfied with the appearance, the interior and the friendliness of the staff.

Kanazawa Japanese Onsen Ryokan inn

Takitei is located approximately 15 minutes by taxi from the center of Kanazawa, surrounded by a quiet forest and right next to Sai River. This is a hot spring inn, a place to enjoy Japanese open-air baths and Kaga cuisine. The hospitality of staff is excellent.