The Beautiful Autumn 

Karuizawa  Nagano  Japan

Escape from the hot summer in Japan. When asked about a summer resort, the answer “Karuizawa” is returned. The place that has been popular as a villa for a long time and has been chosen by many celebrities. Nowadays, many people visit this city due to its huge outlet malls, outdoor popularity and good access from Tokyo by Shinkansen. Beautiful fresh green spring, comfortable summer and winter ski resorts. If you only visit once a year, choose the beautiful autumn leaves. Karuizawa at this time is exactly beautiful autumn. Stay at a historic hotel in the woods and walk along a path with beautiful autumn colors.


Karuizawa Tourist Spot Lake

The most spectacular scenic spot in Karuizawa。It is called “Swan Lake” because of the arrival of swans, and “water place” because of its good water quality. In autumn, the autumn leaves are reflected on the surface of the water, and the contrast between orange, yellow and blue in the sky is beautiful. An artificial lake where you can walk around in 15 minutes, the water source is in the Kashimanomori Hotel.

Karuizawa  Tourist Spot Waterfall

A beautiful waterfall that can be said to be a symbol of Karuizawa in summer. A waterfall that falls quietly from the deep green. This is underground water from Mt. Asama, which looks like a curtain of water 3m high and 70m wide. In autumn, the contrast between blue sky, orange ground, and white water is beautiful.

<Miharashidai & Shigenoya>
Usui Pass  Observation  &  Cafe Restaurant

Karuizawa prospered as a post town on the Nakasendo road connecting  Edo (Tokyo) and Kyoto during the Edo period. Usui Pass, which is difficult to walk on the Nakasendo road, the summit of 1200m above sea level, and a beautiful view from miharashidai. When there was no car, travelers ate rice cakes and soba noodles at this “Shigenoya”.

<Hiroshi Senju Museum Karuizawa>

Nakakaruizawa Museum

The exhibition focuses on the masterpieces of Mr. Senju, a Japanese-style painter based in NYC. The work is perfect for the scene in Karuizawa. In addition, the ground part of the modern architecture designed by Mr. Nishizawa keeps the shape of the land as it is, which is an interesting concept.

Kyu Karuizawa  Bakery Restaurant

A place to eat many times when staying in Karuizawa. You can buy a wide variety of bread from early morning. The restaurant that uses local ingredients is also nice. Let’s eat breakfast on the terrace in the morning.

<Trattoria Primo>
Karuizawa  Italian Restaurant

It is difficult to make a restaurant reservation in Karuizawa during the high season. Reservations cannot be made here, so if you come to the restaurant a little earlier than the opening time, you can eat. It is suitable for 4 or more people and has a parking lot.

<Cafe Raffine>
Karuizawa  Cafe

Karuizawa Time, it’s talking to someone at this cafe. Delicious coffee and banana cake. You can also meet squirrels. Surprisingly, squirrels are popular in Japan as cute animals. Cafe design by Mr. Matsuki, a pioneer of Japanese cafe design since the late 1970s

<Manpei Hotel>
Karuizawa  Hotel

The prestigious hotel in the forest of Karuizawa has been in business for over 120 years. Experience the history of Karuizawa by staying at the main building Alps building completed in 1936. This place where John Lennon enjoy every summer. Drink his beloved milk tea on the cafe terrace.

<Kashimanomori Hotel>
Karuizawa  Hotel

The most beautiful area in the villa area of Karuizawa. Great location for a walk in Karuizawa. “Gozensui”, the water source of Kumobaike, is in the hotel garden. Beautiful trees turn this area orange and yellow in the autumn. The hotel staff are great and can’t wait for the July 2021 reopening.

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