The Time Travel

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As you visit Japan many times, you are also interested in the old Japan you saw in the movies, the Edo period 400 years ago. If you search the web for places where you can meet the scenery of the Edo period, you will find many places. However, there is only one place. It is “Kisoji” in the deep mountains between Nagano and Gifu prefectures. The cityscape of 400 years ago is completely preserved in Narai-juku and Tsumago-juku. It is part of the Nakasendo road, which connects Tokyo and Kyoto during the Edo period. “The Time Travel” The journey to meet the miracle starts from Narai-juku. Modest and beautiful culture and nature await you.


Kisoji  Nakasendo  Nagano

The second post town from the north side of 11 towns on Kisoji. It is designated as an Important preservation district for groups of traditional buildings. Old Japanese houses on both sides of the road called Nakasendo continue for more than 1km. There are important buildings “Nakamura’s Residence” and “Kamitoiya Museum”. Let’s eat local specialties such as soba, oyaki, and gohei mochi.

Kisoji  Nakasendo  Nagano

One of the four major barriers of the Edo period. Arai, Hakone on Tokaido. Usui and this Fukushima on Nakasendo. This barrier is set up in a steep place where the road can be blocked in an emergency such as a war. Fukushima was the center of Kisoji, but unfortunately almost all of the town disappeared in the 1927 fire. Now, you can see the history at “Yamamura Daikan House Garden” and “Fukushima barrier Museum”.

Kisoji  Nakasendo  Nagano

The Takase family who served the Yamamura family who ruled this land for generations. A museum of famous families in Kisoji as well as Fukushima. The collection of this museum is related to Toson Shimazaki, a famous writer born in this area.  In addition to that, it is important to know the history of this area. If you can understand Japanese well, you should definitely visit.

Kisoji  Nakasendo  Nagano

As a beautiful water town, water tanks made of wood are lined up in front of Japanese houses. Tourists rarely visit now, but the streets of the post town remain a little. There is a temple called Josho-ji on the hill.

Kisoji  Nakasendo  Nagano

Japan’s first town designated as an Important preservation district for groups of traditional buildings. The Dawn begins in the morning mist. The Daytime is lively with a lot of people. The Night is s quiet world. The atmosphere that changes throughout the day. Living in the Edo period in the deep mountains. This is the highlight of Kisoji. The next day, if you have time, let’s walk over Magome Pass to Magome-juku from here. A samurai trail that walks with Kisoji’s famous Japanese sweets Sawadaya “Kuri-kinton” and Japanese tea. It’s about 3 hours, and the destination also has a nice atmosphere of Edo.

Tsumago-juku Kisoji  Nakasendo  Nagano

There used to be many inns in Tsumago. It is said that there were 58 houses in the 1970s and 9 houses now. However, all the inns that are still open are wonderful. Let’s stay at this Daikichi. Nice Japanese rooms, modestly beautiful Japanese food, and the view from the window are the original scenery of Japan.

Kisoji  Nakasendo  Gifu

Magome is not a deep mountain village, but a pleasant hilltop village. The magnificent Mt. Ena can be seen from the top of the hill where steep slopes continue. There are many souvenir shops and restaurants in the post town, which is one of the busiest in Kisoji. The Kisoji 11 juku post station, which starts from Niekawa-juku, Walk along the valley of the Kiso River. Surrounded by mountains on the left and right, the feeling of oppression felt in the deep trees. The final destination, Magome, is a scenic spot on a hill not between mountains. South from here, Nakasendo will change from Kisoji to Minoji, a next area.

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Magome  Kisoji  Nakasendo  Gifu

「North of here Kisoji」「Kisoji is all in the mountains」To know Toson Shimazaki is to know Kisoji and the history. Born in Magome, he is a famous novelist who has produced many novels related to these areas. There is also an English version of “Before the Dawn”.