The Welcome Rain

Arashiyama Sagano  Kyoto Japan

Kyoto sightseeing day that the wishes of travelers have come true. However, the weather forecast for that day is rainy. Many people may be disappointed. But for some places, it’s a welcome rain. Especially, Rainy Arashiyama, Rainy Sagano. You can see the “moss” that becomes beautiful by getting in all the rain. A difficult-to-care-for moss that usually dries quickly no matter how many times you give it water a day. As it continues to rain, the moss becomes more bigger and beautiful than usual. And the famous bamboo forest is quiet and fantastic in the rain. The Welcome Rain, a place to meet beautiful rainy Kyoto.


Matsuo Kyoto  Temple

It is said that the dream of foreigners who know Kyoto well is to visit Saihoji Temple, which is known as “Moss Temple”. It was difficult for foreigners to visit for a long time because the application method was complicated. However, since 2021, it has become possible to visit by web application. On the day of the visit, enter the gate quietly and read and copy sutras at the main shrine. This is not just a place to take pictures of the landscape. After an interesting Buddhist experience, walk through the gardens in the rain. Beautiful moss when you look at your feet. The bright green world in the rain will be an unforgettable memory.

Saga  Kyoto  Temple

One of the best spots for autumn leaves in Kyoto. Go up to the main hall and look down on the stairs you have walked. The scenery of these stairs and beautiful trees is the highlight of Arashiyama sightseeing. Not only the autumn leaves but also the blue maple in spring and summer are famous. Of course, the moss on a rainy day is beautiful.

Saga  Kyoto  Temple

At the foot of Mt. Ogura, when you enter the majestic main gate, you will find the wide approach “Momiji-no-baba”, which is known as a famous spot for autumn leaves. On a rainy day, proceed while looking at the beautiful green maple leaves. Enter the Imperial Envoy Gate and go to the beautiful Main Hall, where the name Nison means two gods. Amida Nyorai and Shaka Nyorai stand side by side.

Saga  Kyoto  Temple

Giouji is the small beauty in a quiet bamboo forest. Not only big famous temples are wonderful in Kyoto, but also such modest beauty is memorable. The sound of rain in the green world and the moss garden in the rain are the most wonderful. And the orange color of “Hozuki” next to Kusan is also beautiful.

<Adasino Nenbutsuji>
Saga  Kyoto  Temple

Adasino in Saga was a place for an open air burial. After that the custom change for each burial with stone buddha statues. In the 1900s, 8,000 stone Buddhas of unknown owners buried in this area that were dug up and maintained in this area. There is a quiet beauty in the rain as well as the cherry blossoms in spring and the autumn leaves.

<Sagatofu Morika>
Saga  Kyoto  Tofu

Saga-tofu, Hirousu, and summer Karashi-tofu. Many restaurants in this area use this tofu. Cut the mustard tofu in half, take out the mustard, and Combine mustard and soy sauce to make mustard soy sauce. Then dip in the tofu to the mustard soy sauce and eat it.

Saga  Kyoto  Japanese  Restaurant  Cafe

When walking in Sagano from spring to the end of summer, the destination is not only famous temples but the Japanese restaurant Hiranoya. The destination is on the way from Okusaga to Atago Shrine. The beautiful fish “Ayu” is a Japanese summer specialty. Of course, as a teahouse, you can take a break with tea and sweetness.

<MAMA Arashiyama House>
Arashiyama  Kyoto  Japanese Inn Hotel

A new base for sightseeing in Arashiyama which opened in 2020. The elegant Japanese house is a renovation of the facilities of Hankyu Railroad Corporation. When you enter the entrance, you will find the restaurant MAMA and the bright interior with large glass windows. The guest’s breakfast is in this lovely place. The Rooms are simple and nice and the staff are very kind.