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Gion  Kyoto  Japan

Kyoto is always a hot topic when talking to guests from overseas about sightseeing spots in Japan. Have you been to Kyoto?  We always ask the question. Kyoto is special place for Japanese people what is a jewelry box surrounded by mountains in the north, east and west. Each area is attractive and beautiful no matter what season you visit. Gion, located in the center of Kyoto, is a small world from the eastern foot of the mountain to Kamogawa. Start walking around the city from Yasaka Shrine, walk through beautiful temples and Shirakawa, and walk slowly to find many beautiful things.


Gion  Shrine  Kyoto

At night, when you look at it from the Shijo Ohashi Bridge over the Kamogawa in the center of Kyoto. you realize that this is Gion. The bright vermilion tower gate is a symbol of Gion. Many people come to wish for business prosperity and marriage. You can worship not only during the daytime but also at nighttime, and the illuminated shrine is beautiful. And the famous Gion Matsuri is the festival of this Yasaka Shrine.

Gion  jodo-shu head Temple  Kyoto

When you stand in front of the gate “ Sanmon”, you will be impressed by its magnificence. This place is famous for taking beautiful pictures throughout the four seasons. The largest existing gate in Japan is 24m high and the stone steps “Otokozaka” looking up from the place through the gate, this view is also wonderful. Go up the steep stairs and meet the architecture “Mikagedo”, this is the head temple of the Jodo sect.

Gion  Zen Temple  Kyoto

A temple built for him by Hideyoshi Toyotomi’s wife, Nene, who succeeded in unifying Japan at the end of the 16th century. The architectural style and gardens of that time still remain. Especially the tea room on the steep slope of Higashiyama is wonderful. It is also known to have begun to light up for the first time in Kyoto.

Gion  Kodaiji  Shop

A work of art that can be used in everyday life. It has excellent strength and durability. And a practical product that is as beautiful as an object. Please visit the store, buy it, and go home. After returning to your home country, every time you use it, beautiful memories of Kyoto come back to life.

<Salon de Muge>
Gion  Kodaiji  Cafe

This is a modern-style tea salon run by the famous restaurant Kikunoi. You can see the lovely garden from the clean cafe. The specialty is freshly made Warabi-mochi, which is impressively delicious. Matcha parfait and pudding are also popular.

Gion  Breakfast  Japanese Restaurant

Beautiful Japanese breakfast, with great ingredients. The dishes that are brought in front of you one by one are simple but delicious. The climax of the wonderful story is freshly cooked rice. Start your day with a nice breakfast. Reservation required.

<K36 The Bar&Rooftop / The Hotel Seiryu>
Gion Kiyomizu Bar

The Hotel Seiryu, which opened in 2020, is a hot spot where modernity and Kyoto tradition coexist. The rooftop is K36, and it quickly became popular due to its good view. It is located on the hill of Higashiyama, which used to be Shimizu Elementary School, so you can see beautiful Kyoto. Not only the daytime scenery but also the sunset time is wonderful.

Gion Japanese Ryokan Inn with Restaurant

Shirakawa, the most beautiful area in Gion. A place that is attractive no matter how many times you come and go. It is no exaggeration to say that the beautiful Shiraume creates this landscape. Walking this place is a highlight of Gion tourism. Shiraume if you cross the bridge over the elegant flowing Shirakawa. This is Kyoto as imagined by foreign guests. Greater than that, the hospitality of the landlady Okami. The guest’s next destination will change from Kyoto to Shiraume.

<Luxury Hotel Sowaka>
Gion  Kodaiji  Hotel

Yasaka Shrine is lit up even at night, and when you go up the slope next to it, you will find a calm and quiet Gion. The hotel Sowaka here has historic Sukiya Japanese architecture and a sophisticated atmosphere. The story of a renovation of a 100-year-old former restaurant is introduced on Instagram and hp. The design that makes use of the historic space and the work by craftsmen are interesting.