The Find a Modern

Kawaramachi Central Kyoto Japan

Kawaramachi located in the center of Kyoto. A wonderful Pontocho as the tourist imagined. Walk in search of a secret place in the alley, 「Can go through」「Can’t go through」You are happy to see signboard of Pontocho style. From there, head west from Kawaramachi-dori to Horikawa-dori. There are many nice shops in the old and new cityscape. The goodness of Kyoto is not only the famous shrines and temples, but also new ones. Kyoto continues to evolve, Visit modern spots based on tradition.


<Mikane jinjya>
Karasuma Oike Kyoto  Temple

Golden torii gate and many people appearing in a quiet residential area. This is a popular shrine as a god who gets the luck of money. A temple for gold coin manufacturers that used to be in this area. Many people from all over the country are visiting this small temple now. Good luck with your money and get Amulet that shines in gold. Take it and go back to your home country.
Oike  Temple

<Kohchosai Kosuga>
Kawaramachi Kyoto  Shop

Bamboo has long been used as a raw material for daily necessities for Japanese people. Bamboo product specialty store founded in 1989, creating new products for the ever-changing generation. Beautiful bamboo products are perfect for our nature-loving life.

<Miyawaki Baisenan>
Rokukakudo Kyoto  Shop

Great store in the area in which streets are designed in a grid. Folding fans, which are considered to be traditional crafts, are still fashionable practical products. The summer tradition, “Kyo-Fan”, which is light and convenient to carry, is made by craftsmen in this area using materials from the suburbs of Kyoto. For guests from overseas, be sure to choose the Kyoto pattern.

Nishiki-ichiba Kyoto  Shop

“A shopping arcade with a colorful stained glass roof specializes in food. It is thinner and longer than the Paris Passages, and has more customers. Among the many shops, there is the world-class “Aritugu”. Handmade works one by one, not mass-produced. The purpose of the trip is to buy something at Aritugu, choose something that can be used for a lifetime and have the name stamped. When you return to your home country, use it, and take care of it, it becomes more beautiful. Think about what to buy next.

Kawaramachi Kyoto  Shop Gallery

Fusion of traditional industry and modern sensibility. A wonderful store that has taken on difficult challenges. Here, new techniques are added to the artistic Nishijin textiles made by traditional craftsmen. And we are also challenging new markets. I’m looking forward to the future of Kyoto culture.

<Weekenders Coffe>
Tominokouji Kyoto  Cafe

A small place beyond the car parking where you don’t know there is a coffee stand. A nice store has nice green trees in the small space in front. The charm of Kyoto is that there is such a wonderful shop. Of course, coffee is delicious.

<Jiki Miyazawa>
Shijyo Kyoto Japanese restaurant

Has a talent for cooking. Happy surprise when eaten, sweetness and spiciness, softness and strength. The modern essence story is recommended for overseas guests. Of course, there is a tradition of Kyoto cuisine, and the skill of young chefs is also good. You can enjoy the live feeling by finishing the presentation at the counter in front of you.

<Node Hotel>
Karasuma Shijyo Kyoto  Hotel

The compact boutique hotel with a focus on art. Like a modern apartment in Kyoto, which opened in 2019 in an area a little far from the center of Kyoto rather than a hotel, it’s more like a home displaying art goods that you like. Exhibitions will be planned in the space on the first floor, and it should be a cultural spot.