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Matsumoto  Nagano  Japan

When we arrive at Matsumoto, we feel the are is very refreshing. This is probably because of the many sunny days in this city and the cold wind from the Hida Mountains. Matsumoto castle, a symbol located in the center of the city. From the upper floors, you can see the famous beautiful mountains. Matsumoto, which is a base for sightseeing in these natures, is actually a cultural city. The work of craftsmen still exists, not only the products produced are wonderful, but also the people who want to continue the beautiful culture. A journey to meet the culture that should be hand over to the next generation.


<Matsumoto Jyo>
Matsumoto Castle

Matsumoto Castle, one of the 5 national treasure castles in the 12 existing castle towers in Japan. It is one of the most famous castle in Japan with a magnificent complex Castles Tower, Tsukimi Yagra and Tatsumi Taukeyagura. Since the castle is built on a flat ground, you can see Matsumoto Castle reflected upside down, on the surface of the moat on a clear day with no wind. The changing four seasons, cherry blossoms, fresh greenery, autumn leaves, and white snow and a black castle tower. Beautifu No matter what season you visit.

<Matsumoto City Museum of Art>
Matsumoto  Museum

When you arrive at the museum, you will meet the works of artists that everyone knows. Even if you don’t know the name of the work, you can see that it is the work of Yayoi Kusama, a world famous artist born in Matsumoto. This museum mainly exhibits works by artists from this area. This is the cultural center of Matsumoto, and it is recommended to have a coffee at the cafe described later in the morning and then visit here.

<Matsumoto Mingeikan>
Matsumoto  Museum

“The beauty of everyday use” and the daily necessities created by unnamed craftsmen are as beautiful as art works. A collection of about 10000 domestic and foreign folk crafts collected by the late Taro Maruyama, the first owner who sympathized with the “Mingei Movement” that beauty is in life rather than the expensive works of signature artists. Of course, there are also woodworks, crafts, and ceramics made here. The museum is unusually allowed to take photographs and is a great facility for working designers and artisans.

Matsumoto  Soba Noodles

A small soba restaurant near Nakamachi Dori, which has the most tourists in Matsumoto. Please visit and make a reservation a little earlier than lunch time, or make a reservation by phone. There is only one type of soba on the menu, and the ultimate finely chopped soba is very delicious. Soba is a thin and beautiful piece of art that ordinary people eat on a daily basis. I want you to eat it as soon as it is brought in front of you.

Matsumoto  Soba Noodles

Open the curtain of a quiet shop, greet the female shopkeeper in a kimono, and sit quietly. There is no menu, and the story begins with sake and appetizers that are brought to you when you sit down. Great great Soba, great pickles, great sweet beans. You will be impressed. Open for lunch only, foreign travelers should make a reservation from the hotel

Matsumoto  Soba Noodles

Speaking of delicious soba in Matsumoto, this soba restaurant ”Sasaki”. This also requires a reservation in advance. Flavorful soba is first eaten with salt. And eat with soba sauce. At the end, add soba hot water to the soba sauce and drink. It’s really wonderful culture. Matsumoto has many soba restaurants in the city. It may be the most in Japan.

Matsumoto  Cafe & Shop

The signboard “Takahashi Radio Store” is left as it is, and it is open as a cafe. I don’t care if the signboard is different. I like the way of thinking like a shop in Paris. Fashionable customers are gathering in this lovely shop. This shop also runs other formats, so check it out on the web. This is the center of Matsumoto culture. I want you to drink fragrant coffee and start sightseeing in the city of Matsumoto

Matsumoto  Shop & Cafe

A shop on the 1st floor famous for selling oval boxes, a nice cafe on the 2nd floor, and a select shop for clothes in the next building. The oval box is also used what Kanaukan Hotel in the room described later, and is as beautiful as an object. This is a cultural city, a place where you can meet a modern products of Matsumoto.

Matsumoto  Onsen Ryokan Hotel

“Kanaukan 100 years project”. The meaning of this keyword written on a good homepage can be understood by staying. Utsukushigahara Onsen is about 10 minutes by car from Matsumoto city. A renovation project for a historic this hotel what is the project. Nowadays, there are many inns and hotel in Japan that are being renovated. However, many of them do not go well. The renovation here is a perfect combination of old and new facilities, creating something much better than ever. In the next 100 years, many people will visit this hotel and it will impress everyone.