The Nice View

Nara  Japan

Nara, Japan’s ancient capital the name Heijo. It was established in the year 710 at central Nara. It is first permanent capital which designed with reference for China Chang’an. That is the end of silk road what rich in a lot of culture from Europe and Asia. There are a number of historical architecture co-exist with nature as Nara surrounded by Mountains on west east and south. The beautiful hilly area the name Nara Park at the foot of the mountain Wakakusa-yama and Kasuga-yama which located in the east. The cute deers you find there will take a picture of the symbol with a smile. This is the best area to traveller, why don’t you to visit a place with  “The Nice View”


Nara Temple

Visit the place at the same time as the gate opens early in the morning. There are few people yet. The size of the big scale of the Great Buddha Halle that appears in front of you makes a voice “ Oh! HUGE”. The world’s largest wooden building with a height of 46.8m. There are many interesting things in the Great Buddha Hall. Here is the highlights of the trip in Nara. Then go up the hills to the stage of The Nigatsudo.  The another highlight is the view from here to the Great Buddha Hall and Nara City.

Nara  Shrine

Kasuga Taisha Shrine in the deep forest of Mt.Kasuga. This is the head shrine of a lot of satellites which is about 1000 Kasuga shrine in Japan. The middle gate “Chumon” and open veranda “Oro” are No.1 highlight what is national treasure. There are a lot of Middle shrine in the forest, the Meotodaikokusya is reputed for the benefits of marriage couples. There is nice garden cafe the name Kasuga Ninaijyaya, which is best place to rest! 

Nara  Temple

A place visited by a lot of people every October. The old temple, which is located far from the center of the city, is not over-promoted to tourists. When you enter the precincts from entrance, pink, white, and yellow cosmos are full bloom. We recommend early morning, when there are still few people, and you can take wonderful pictures for cosmos with the main hall and the stone pagoda.

<Yoshino Honkuzu Kurokawa Honke>
Todaiji-ten Nara Restaurant

The restaurant run by a long-established store in Uda City, Nara prefecture. Kudzu(Kuzu) is a starch made from the arrowroot of plants. You can eat a mix of Japanese and Western dishes using Kudzu. Japanese udon noodle, wasabi and mocha are recommended for foreign guests. It is also good to buy souvenirs from various products of the Kudzu.

Nara  Kohfukuji  Cafe Restaurant

A part of the site of Kofukuji Temple, The Five-storied pagoda when looking up, and Sarusawa Pond when looking down. You can see that this is a gentle hilly area. Visit Kofukuji temple, cross the pedestrian crossing with a cute child deer, To the seat by the window with a “The Nice View”, by all means in a comfortable place.

Nara Cafe  Japanese Sweets

Delicious Japanese sweets. Words you often hear, but the perfect words for this shop. It is a little far from Nara Hotel and Kofukuji Area but you can walk easily. We recommend a full course of Japanese sweets that can be eaten only by reservation. Of course, all the sweets on sale are wonderful.

<Mt. Wakakusa>
Nara  Sightseeing

Mt. Wakakusa is located in the east of Nara and overlooks the entire city. Many wild deer live at the foot of the mountain, and they also appear in the city and live with people. The observatory of the mountain is located up the Nara Okuyama Driveway by car. We recommend the evening, when the sky turns orange and the city lights start to turn on.

<Nara Hotel>
Nara Hotel

One of the most prestigious hotels in Japan. Enter from the front gate and go up the gentle slope to the main building made of cypress on a hill. The beautiful appearance exceeded expectations. The atrium “Great stairs” seen from the entrance, “Sakura no Ma” next to the lobby, “Tea lounge” where sunlight shines and the “Guest room” is also you can meet the good old days. This is Tatsuno Kingo’s historic building, which also designed Tokyo Station.

<ANDO Hotel>
Nara Hotel

The hotel, which was called a hotel with a good view, was renovated and reborn in 2020. The name of the hotel is also new, “Ando” which means “peace of mind” in japanese. It would have been the renovation on the limited budget, but few hotels with a view of the city of Nara. There is a night view tour of Mt. Wakakusa at night.
ANDO Hotel