The Modern architecture

Aoyama  Omotesando  Tokyo  Japan

Omotesando is the most sophisticated street in Tokyo. The Beautiful zelkoba trees line both ends of the gentle slope. And there are many luxury brand shops from Aoyama to Harajuku. You can also find a nice little shop by stepping into the path. Above all, the biggest attraction of this area is many buildings designed by famous Japanese architects. There is not much land to build large buildings in Tokyo. The buildings they designed make good use of the limited space. The purpose of this area is to explore Japanese design.


<Nezu Museum>
Aoyama  Museum / Designed by Kengo Kuma

The elegant corridor has a dignified atmosphere, there are a lot of bamboo and bamboo decoration with lights enter the building from outside. The beautiful design is the main hall that fusion of Japanese traditional and modern architecture. The privately owned museum mainly displays Japanese traditional arts. And the beautiful Japanese garden and architecture preserved on the site make use of the hills of Aoyama. In addition, there is Nezu Cafe, the most beautiful cafe in Tokyo.

<Omotesando Hills>
Omotesando Commercial Complex / Designed by Tadao Ando

The building that can be said to be a symbol of Omotesando. Low-rise building designed considering gentle slope. It consists of the West building, Main building and Dojun Building and the design highlight is the atrium and spiral passage “Spiral Walk” in the main building. Dojun building is a reconstruction of part of the historic apartment that was here until 2002. 

Aoyama Commercial Complex / Designed by Fumihiko Maki

This building was built in 1985 with the concept of “Integrating Life and Art”. Aoyama became known as the center of design and culture since the building opened. There are many shops, cafes and multipurpose halls in the building, and many art events are still held.

<Apple Store Omotesando>
Omotesando Store / Designed by Jun Mitsui

The huge glass box that stands out in Omotesando. The zelkova trees on the tree-lined road reflected on the three-side glass facade are beautiful. Also, there are no pillars in the room, which is wonderful architecture with an open atmosphere.
apple omotesando

<Comme Des Garcons>
Aoyama Store / Designed by Rei Kawakubo

The most famous concept store of Japanese leading designer. A wonderful shop that can be said to be the symbol of Aoyama, a fashion city. Not only can you buy her clothes and bags, but you can also feel the philosophy.
comme des garcons

<Sunny Hills>
Aoyama Sweets Shop / Designed by Kengo Kuma

The house stands out in a corner of a residential area in Aoyama with many cypress wood sticks all around that. This is a work by the same designer as the Nezu Museum. Actually, this building is a store of Taiwanese pineapple cake, Sunny Hills. You can also eat and drink inside the store, and the view from the rooms is also interesting.

<Sahsya Kanetanaka>
Omotesando Restaurant Cafe / Designed by Hiroshi Sugimoto

Located in a complex building Oak Omotesando with several shops. A modern restaurant run by a historical Japanese restaurant. The design of the garden and interior that can be seen from the guest’s seat is wonderful. Eating modern and beautiful Japanese food in this sophisticated space is perfect for the atmosphere of Omotesando.
Sahsya Kanetanaka

<The Aoyama Grand Hotel>
Aoyama Hotel

Opened in 2020 in the Aoyama area, this boutique hotel has a restaurant and cafe. This area where there were few accommodations until now. There are many wonderful places in the suburbs, so if you stay here, you can take a walk in Gaien, Aoyama, Omotesando and Meij-Jingu. This is the base of the most beautiful area in Tokyo.