The Edo Atmosphere 

Asakusa Tokyo Japan

Asakusa is the city where you can experience the most traditional Japanese culture in Tokyo. There are no high-rise buildings, luxury brand shops and modern museums. The only place Tokyo where you can get on a rickshaw and meet people wearing kimono. A place where you can walk through many alleys in the city, visit small shops that have open for a long time, and experience Japanese culture. You can still feel the atmosphere of this place when Tokyo called EDO. Please spend a day at this area, if you are traveling to Tokyo for the first time.


Asakusa Temple

Sensoji Temple is a symbol of Asakusa, the main gate of the temple is the best shooting location “Kaminarimon”. Let’s start walking from here. As you walk along Nakamise, the road with shops on both sides, you will see a magnificent five-storied pagoda on your left. In front of Sensoji Temple that arrived, worshipers cleanse themselves with smoke and water, and prey, then also want to draw the oracle. It is also recommended to visit at night, the shops are closed, but the illuminated Sensoji Temple is very beautiful.

<Asakusa Hanayashiki>
Asakusa Amusement Park

Hanayashiki is Japan’s first and oldest amusement park. The amazing small amusement park will surprise everyone who visits without prior information. By all means, experience the oldest roller coaster in Japan and a wonderful haunted house. These attractions look like they’ve been time traveled 50 years ago.

Asakusa Japanese Storyteller Theater

The theater located in the center of Asakusa, which is said to be the city of entertainers. You can see wonderful performances such as rakugo or manzai which is a Japanese storyteller and magic trick. They are difficult to understand because all performance in Japanese, but I highly recommend that, if you understand Japanese. Many famous comedians in Japan started their career here.
asakusa engei

<Komakata Dozeu>
Asakusa Restaurant

Dozeu used to be a food for ordinary people in the Edo period. It’s one of the most famous foods in Asakusa. A traditional dish in which a small fish called Dozeu is cooked in a pan in front of you. Even if it’s your first time, the people at restaurant will teach you how to eat, so you can enjoy it. This restaurant has been in business for over 200 years, and the building and interior are as wonderful as the food.
komakata dozeu

<Namikiyabu Soba>
Asakusa Soba Noodles

Soba has been a popular food for ordinary people since Edo period. Which is good price, very delicious, and can be made in a short time after ordering. Soba was one of the three biggest fast foods along with Sushi and Tempura. Now, Sushi and Tempura have changed to high-class food, but Soba is unchanging. Speaking of the most delicious Soba in Asakusa here, I want you to try Soba with Tempura.

Asakusa Restaurant

Behind Sensoji Temple, a famous “Kamameshi” Restaurant located in residential area. Kamameshi is a Japanese dish in which rice, meat and vegetables are served in a small pot. Make rice absorb the taste of ingredients like Paella of Spanish. It’s a small restaurant, but I want you to experience the deliciousness of rice that Japanese people love. Recommendation is “Gomoku Kamameshi”!!

<Cafe Bach>
Nihontsutsumi Cafe

A Japanese style coffee shop located just a few minutes by taxi from Asakusa. The very famous hand drip coffee shop in the place but this is not good location. The specialty Bach Blend here is the best of the best coffee in Japan. When you come to Asakusa, take a taxi to visit here and have the great coffee and nice cheesecake.
bach kaffee

Asakusa Sweets

Japanese love a sweets. This shop in front of Kaminarimon is always a long line, But by all means, I would like to you to buy and eat even in a long queue. Dorayaki is a specialty of Kameju which sandwiched with bean paste in soft bread. It’s very delicious.

<The Gate Hotel Kaminarimon>
Asakusa Hotel

Asakusa is part of the east side of Tokyo. These area is called “Shitmatchi”  which means old town lived artisans and craftspersons. A new skyscraper called Tokyo Sky Tree appeared in the area in 2012. This is the hotel where you can see the most beautiful Tokyo Sky Tree in Tokyo. And the best location for sightseeing in Asakusa.
gate hotel