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The Meet Tokyo

Ginza  Tokyo   Japan

The first time you visit Tokyo, you should go to Ginza first. The Ginza is the most famous luxury district in Japan. I would like to stand at the center of Ginza which is 4-Chome junction of Chuo and Harumi dori. You will find a lot of department stores and famous shops all over the world. More than that, the charm of Ginza where you can see a sophisticated Japanese style. You should start walking beautiful Tokyo station which is from Marunouchi district to Ginza. Around 1 hour it’s so NICE TO MEET TOKYO for you.


<The Tokyo Station Hotel>
Marunouchi Hotel

The beautiful Hotel located the central Tokyo which is gateway of Japan which directly connected to the Tokyo station. All the guests impressed the historical design when the guests arrive here. We recommend the first night of Japan trip to stay the hotel. And see the hotel from which 7th floor of Shin-Marunouchi Bldg. You can take a beautiful night view photo of Tokyo Station and Tokyo Station hotel. And please wake up early the morning to walk the imperial palace before breakfast. Your story for Tokyo sightseeing must dramatic to start.

<Mitsubishi Ichigokan Museum Tokyo>
Marunouchi Museum

This building is the symbol of Marunouchi district for the modernization of Japan in the late 19th century, the original Mitsubishi Ichigokan was built in 1894, that was the first western style office building in Tokyo. The current building was rebuilt in 2010. There are a lot of programs to see,  Please check the information for the website.

<Okuno Building>
Ginza Architecture Building

Okuno Building built in 1932 as a luxury apartment in Ginza. This old building is only one remaining among the modern buildings in Ginza district. Now some creators reform this old building room for small galleries or shops. When you walk in Ginza, make sure to visit.

Ginza Stationery Store

This is the best stationery store in the world. When you step into this store, your imagination grows and you want to grab something here and want to make something or writing. You need a lot of time to see the store, It’s a dreamy store.

<Kabukiza Theater>
East Ginza Japanese Theater

The best performance on the stage of classical Japanese dance drama. The kabuki plays almost every day that will definitely become the good memory for you. And the beautiful Kabukiza theater building was reconstructed in 2013. It’s the traditional architecture and skyscrapers become one what designed by famous Kengo Kuma.

<Sushi Szuki>
Ginza Sushi Restaurant

The best sushi is Ginza area, It is a word that is always said in Japan. There are many sushi restaurants in Ginza. Opening a sushi restaurant in Ginza is the dream of a lot of sushi chefs. Famous young chef Suzuki cooks up all art dishes by himself. The sushi course has a great story.

<Tempura Kondo>
Ginza Tempura Restaurant

200 years ago, when Tokyo was called Edo. Speaking of Edo food which is sushi, soba and tempura. All food cook quickly in front of the guests and serve from the counter for quick eating. These are fast foods for busy Edo artisans. The tempura is now popular as a luxury dish. Tempura Kondo is the most wonderful restaurant among them. It is a delicious way to eat as soon as the best food is served in front of you.

Ginza Sweet Cracker

Ginza has a lot of specialty foods that you can buy as gifts. If you are a traveler, it must be portable. This is a small shop but crispy crackers sweets are delicious when eaten with a coffee or a tea.