Meet The Tradition 

Nihonbashi Tokyo Japan

Nihonbashi, which was the starting point of Japanese main road in the Edo period over 400 years ago. It has been a center of handicraft and retail shop since Edo period, and those who work there lived in this town. Today, the area has many buildings for large companies, but Historical shop are still open. Famous department stores such as Mitsukoshi, Takashimaya and some shopping complexs stand out in the town. However, you can find some shops has a long history when you walk. Find it, visit it, and experience Japanese culture. That is how to enjoy Nihonbashi.


Ningyocho Sushi Restaurant

Ningyocho area where the traditional atmosphere still remains in Nihonbashi. There is the wonderful sushi restaurant called “Kizushi”, where you can experience the tradition of Edo style sushi. Nowadays, most high-class sushi restaurants are course food. This sushi restaurant has a glass case in front of you, and sushi toppings inside. Beyond that, a sushi chef to communicate what to eat. Choose delicious sushi topping and make them. Ask today’s recommendation sushi topping and make them. You meet the traditional style. This is the best way to enjoy sushi!!

Suitengu Shrine

A famous shrine visited for prayers for safe delivery of a baby, and preyers for those who want to a baby. In addition, a couple who has successfully given birth also visit to here for thanksgiving. The modern and new building with earthquake absorbing structure was built in 2016.

Nihonbashi Shop

In the Edo period, he was given the name Edo-ya and was working on brushes for shogunate. And this shop started as a specialty store of Edo brush. The products are still handmade one by one as handicraft based on traditional techniques. Hair brushes and clothes brushes are especially recommended.
nihonbashi edoya

<Nihonbashi Kiya>
Nihonbashi Shop

It started in the late 16th century as a store handling daily necessities in Nihonbashi. They had many good customers, including generals. The current store is on the first floor a new large building, and it has a very good reputation especially for cutlery. The best Japanese knife in Nihonbashi is this store. You can also apply for a knife sharpening lecture.
kiya hamono

Nihonbashi Shop

The specialty store that manufacturing retailer for fans. It has a long history, and this store has also been open since the late 16th century. Many of the product designs use Edo culture motifs and colors, Buy a design for memories of your Tokyo trip.

<Nihonbashi Saruya>
Nihonbashi Shop

The only toothpick specialty store in Japan. Each toothpick hand-made one by one, has a perfect performance and beauty. Please watch the video on the website for the wonderful manufacturing process of craftsmen. The package of the products are wonderful, so it’s also a perfect souvenir.
nihonbashi saruya.

<Nihonbashi Tamai>
Nihonbashi Restaurant

Edomae seafood, Japanese people use this word many times. It means seafood from Tokyo bay. During the Edo period, Tokyo bay was a great place to catch fish. Anago is a fish that looks like an eel and it is a popular fish in Tokyo bay, and this is the specialty restaurant. Currently, the best area of Anago is selected from all over Japan depending on the season.
anago tamai

Nihonbashi Hotel

There are many financial companies in Nihonbashi from before. This building was built in 1923 as the first bank in Japan, and the boutique hotel renovated here opened in 2020. Modern design and Japanese design, both tastes are in good harmony. There is a fashionable place with nice cafe, beer bar and restaurant. This is the base for sightseeing in Nihonbashi.