The Modern Tokyo

Roppongi  Tokyo  Japan

Speaking of Roppongi, it’s a night town. There are many night spots around the intersection of Roppongi where Cafe Almond is located. This is one of the best downtown areas in Tokyo, which is introduced by many guides. However, Roppongi under the blue sky is also interesting. This is the latest art city. The opening of Roppongi Hills in 2003, followed by the opening of The National Art Center Tokyo and Tokyo Midtown. Hills and Midtown have a shopping complex, museums and hotels. Many events are inspiring for art lovers. “The Modern Arts in Tokyo” This is the area of interest in Tokyo today.


<Roppongi Hills>
Roppongi Commercial Complex

Roppongi is a hilly area, The complex facility named Roppongi Hills completed in 2003. This is a city where businesses, residences, stores, restaurants, movie theaters, and museums are integrated. Enjoy any weather with friends, lovers and family. And the beautiful illuminations at the end of the year are also famous.
Roppongi Hills

<Roppongi Hills  Mori Art Museum Tokyo City View>
Roppongi  Museum Observatory

Focusing on contemporary art, a wide range of exhibitions from fashion to anime will be held. The project is always fresh with the Mori Arts Center Gallery next door. Don’t miss the Tokyo City View of the observatory, the Sky Deck and public art scattered around Hills.
Mori Art Museum
Tokyo City View

<Grand Hyatt Tokyo>
Roppongi  Hotel

This hotel is located at the highest point of “Keyakizaka” in Roppongi Hills. It’s charm is not only in the location and hills, but also within walking distance to the nice nearby towns, Azabujuban, Nishiazabu and Hiroo. Stay here for the first time in Roppongi and walk to interesting places.
Grand Hyatt Tokyo

<Roppongi Midtown>
Roppongi  Commercial Complex

Tokyo Midtown is as popular as Roppongi Hills. A lots of shops and restaurants, Hotel Ritz-Carlton Tokyo, Suntory Museum of Art, and Green & Park are great. This facility is designed to have a central atrium, which is often seen all over the world. And in winter, a skating rink will also appear.
Roppongi Midtown

<2121 Design Sight>
Roppongi  Museum

This is a place for proposals for “people who want to create something”. It started with the idea of Issey Miyake, a designer proud of Japan, and was created with the sympathy of many people. Not only creators but also business people are a must-see. Let’s take a lot of time to visit. The sophisticated architectural design is Tadao Ando.
2121 Design Sight

<The National Art Center Tokyo>
Roppongi Museum

The beautiful wave and glass appearance, and the front entrance are designs that are often used in the work of designer Kisho Kurokawa. The concept of “Museum in the Forest” can only be understood once inside the building. Light enters between the glass and pillars that make up the outer wall, and it looks like sunlight through the trees. And the cafe and restaurant in the facility are also wonderful. This is an art center, a place where various special exhibitions are held.

<International House of Japan>
Roppongi  Architecture

The famous building completed in 1955 designed by Japan’s leading architects Kunio Maekawa, Junzo Itakura, and Junzo Yoshimura. Since it is a membership facility, you cannot enter the beautiful Japanese garden, but general and tourists can see it while eating at the restaurant.
International House

<West Aoyama Garden>
Nogizaka Cafe

On a sunny day, walk around Roppongi and eat a beautiful Pancake on this terrace. It’s a good walk if you’re staying at Grand Hyatt Tokyo. After eating, head to the National Art Center Tokyo and Roppongi Midtown.
Ginza West