UENO tokyo

The Academic place

Ueno  Tokyo  Japan

Ueno has three attractions. The first is one of the best cherry blossom viewing spots in Tokyo. The next is a downtown area like Ameya Yoko, And the group of cultural facilities lined up in the hill of Ueno. The hill, also known as the name「Ueno no Mori」, is a center of Japanese science and art. Beginning with the establishment of a National museum, Art school, and Music school at the end of the 19th century. They are now the largest in Japan in terms of scale and collection. If you want to enjoy these contents, you need a full two days, and not only the contents of the exhibition but also the building designed by a famous architect is a highlight. Walk through the hill of Ueno, where nature remains, and look at the facility from various angles. “The Academic Place” This area itself is a cultural facility.


<Tokyo National Museum>
Ueno  Museum

Japan’s oldest and largest scale and collection. This is a place where you can meet the real historical cultural properties. The main building, Toyokan, Hyokeikan, Horyuji Treasures Museum, Heiseikan, and even the garden are wonderful. For example, there are too many recommendations in just one place in the main building. First of all, I want to spend a whole day at this place.
Tokyo National Museum

<Kuroda Memorial Hall>
Ueno  Museum

The memorial hall displaying the works of Kuroda Seiki, who is said to be the “father of modern Western painting” in Japan. Admission is free and you can take pictures of his work, as he wants his legacy to help encourage art. In the Kuroda Memorial Room, drawings from the time he went to France in 1884 are exhibited, and you can learn the story of his life. This is “The Academic place”, the place to hand over this culture to the next generation.
Kuroda Memorial Hall

<National Museum of Nature and Science>
Ueno Museum

A museum with the theme of coexistence between humankind and nature. It consists of a global gallery and a Japanese gallery. The Global Gallery says “History of Life on Earth and Mankind”, and the Japan Gallery says “Nature and Us in the Japanese Islands”. Various real specimens and stuffed animals are exhibited in them, The global gallery displays moon rocks collected by the Apollo program.
National Museum of Nature and Science

<Architecture of International Library of Children’s literature>
Ueno Architecture

Originating from the Imperial Library built in 1906, it was renovated by Tadao Ando’s team and opened in 2002 as a national children’s book special library. The highlight is the brick building and the large stairs from the 1st floor to the 3rd floor. The lounge of the glass garden on the west side (back side). In this place, the outer wall of the original architecture was preserved as an interior, and the outside was covered with glass. This great idea and technique is a must-see. And the glass surface has the same atmosphere as the glass building of the arch building.
International Library of Children’s Literture

<Yokoyama Taikan Memorial Hall>
Ueno Museum

Taikan Yokoyama, a master of Japanese-style painter. This is his home and atelier that he designed himself. The land of the end of his life, where he spent more than half of his life here. In the atelier on the second floor you can watch a video of how he spent the day.
Yokoyama Taikan Memorial Hall

<SCAI The Bathhouse>
Yanaka  Gallery

A gallery located a few minutes walk along the street called “RUE DES ARTS” heading from Tokyo University of the Arts to Yanaka. The origin of culture specializing in contemporary art. The holidays are irregular, so be sure to check the website before you go.
SCAI The Bathhouse

<Usagiya Cafe>
Ueno Japanese sweets Cafe

“Usa Pancake” can only be eaten by those who arrive between 9am and 9:10 am. A wonderful breakfast using freshly baked skin, delivered from the super famous Japanese sweet “Usagiya” nearby. It’s a small shop so let’s go early in the morning.
Usagiya Cafe

Ueno Japanese Restaurant

The Japanese restaurant located in the mountains of Ueno that has been in business for over 140 years. Visiting a Japanese house, which is rare in Tokyo, is a wonderful experience. The colorful Japanese cuisine is served smoothly, so it’s perfect for sightseeing.

Ueno Hotel

The boutique hotel that opened in 2018 in the Ueno area, where there are few modern hotels. There are 130 guest rooms, and you can see collaborations with many artists in the hotel.
Noga Hotel