The Walk Around 

Yanaka Nezu Sendagi  Tokyo  Japan

Old town in Tokyo. Many paths and slopes are like a maze. A small private house that stands side by side, and the Tokyo people who meet there. “Yanesen”, beautiful Tokyo located in the gentle hills. Fortunately, a place that avoided war damage and also avoided large-scale urban development. Here is the ideal life of Tokyo people. However, this place is also changing little by little. Old Japanese houses are being rebuilt little by little, Yanaka’s symbol “Himalayan cedar” has also changed. But it’s still a place where beautiful Tokyo remains. Feel the passage of time and walk down the alley. “THE WALK AROUND”, the highlight is YUYAKE DANDAN in Yanaka Ginza.


Nezu Tokyo Shrine

In the spring, the azaleas of Nezu Shrine come to mind. Check the schedule of “Bunkyo Azalea Festival” of the year, It is planned that mid-April will be in full bloom this year as well. The modest and elegant Nezu Shrine becomes gorgeous only at this time. A beautiful azalea garden and a shrine building of an important cultural property. You can take beautiful pictures here.

Nezu Tokyo Japanese Udon restaurant

The renovated building of the warehouse perfectly harmonizes with the cityscape of Nezu. This is a handmade udon restaurant with its main store in Osaka. The warehouse built in 1910 and the new building next door were both designed by the famous architect Kengo Kuma. It’s a very popular shop, but it’s worth the wait.

<Sento Building & Kamenokotawashi
Nezu Tokyo Shop

A building that opened in 2020 after renovating the public bath “Miyanoyu” that was closed in 2007. A long-loved place in the neighborhood has now been given another charm. When you visit the shops here, look for the designs of public baths left everywhere.
Kamenoko tawashi Yanaka

<Hebi-michi St (Sneke Winding Road)>
Nezu-Sendagi Tokyo Spot

As the name suggests, it’s a winding road like a snake. It used to be a stream that flows into Shinobazu Pond called Aizomegawa. The river was covered with concrete and became a road. Let’s walk while imagining 100 years ago when the river was flowing.

<Kikumi Senbei>
Sendagi Tokyo Japanese rice cracker food

A rice cracker shop with a nice atmosphere under the slope of “Dango Zaka” where Ogai Mori, Soseki Natsume, and Kotaro Takamura lived. The square rice cracker loved by Japan’s leading literary masters is fragrant and delicious. Let’s eat one while walking. We recommend TEA rice crackers.

Yanaka Tokyo Japanese preserved food

The cityscape is wonderful, Yanesen, and the taste you meet is also impressive. This is a Tsukudani specialty store founded in 1923. Tsukudani is good with rice. How can foreign guests understand this deliciousness? Do travelers have the opportunity to eat with rice in Tokyo? There are challenges. But this is recommended.

<Himalayan Cedar & Mikado-Pan>
Yanaka Tokyo Sightseeing

Himalayan cedar, which was a symbol of Yanesen, changed its appearance by pruning at the end of 2020. It was planted in World War II by the predecessor of Mikado Bakery. As it grows and covers the three-way junction. The current appearance is for safety after the typhoon in 2019. Also pay attention to the small Fujizuka “Yanaka Fuji” right next to it. Check out old photos on Instagram and visit to wish for the health of the cedar.

<Ryokan Sawanoya>
Yanaka Tokyo Japanese Inn Hotel

Living in Yanesen. Guests from overseas can get to know the good old Tokyo by staying here. This is your home in Yanaka. Let’s stay for many days. What is interesting is the way of living that you can know from the paper presented everywhere in the hall. Read them one by one and put them into practice. It’s a much nicer experience than a gorgeous hotel. Check out and the inn people will see you off. The place that makes you want to come again after walking 10 minutes away from Sawanoya.