The Before Daylight

Bergamo Italia

It takes about an hour by express train from Milan to reach Bergamo station. In front of the station, you can see the modern cityscape, then you look far away, you can see the old town of Citta Alta on the hill. Take a taxi and go up the hill toward Citta Alta. In no time, we arrived at the roundabout at Museo Sienze Bergamo, just beyond the old town. As you approach the arch of the building, which is the entrance to the old town, you can hear the accordion sound. The smile of the man who plays it is wonderful. A nice city walk starts from here. But there is another highlight of the city. It’s the hill of San Vigilio. You can get there on foot or take cable car. On the hill you will meet wonderful scenery.


<Castello di San Vigilio>
Bergamo Italia Sightseeing

Early in the morning, when the sky is getting brighter, take your camera and go outside. Beautiful pictures can be taken from the cable car station, in front of Hotel Relais San Vigilio, and at the top of the hill. The sky changes from gray to orange, and the shining sun appears. It’s a great show that you’ll never forget.
castello di san vigilio

<Relais San Vigilio>
Bergamo Italia Hotel

The stylish and elegant boutique hotel at the top of the hill. After checking in, the nice story begins with sparkling wine on the terrace next to the reception. We recommend winter to visit here, the clear air, the wonderful view from the terrace, and a nice breakfast waiting for you.

<Santa Maria Maggiore>
Bergamo Italia Sightseeing

Located in Piazza Vecchia, in the middle of Città Alta, It is a symbol of the city along with Cappella Colleoni and Cathedral di Sant’Alessandro. The Romanesque architecture built in the 12th century has been restored many times and continues to this day. Although photography is prohibited inside the building, the Baroque decoration is very beautiful.
santa maria maggiore

<Chiesa di sant’Agata nel Carmine>
Bergamo Italia Sightseeing

The church on the main street of Citta Alta. Its history goes back more than 1000 years. The beautiful stained glass is under restoration, but many people still visit to pray this place.

<Ol Bareti>
Bergamo Italia Cafe

The small bar on Combito Stree, near the cable car station. This is not only a delicious cafe, but also nice flavored hot wine. You can take nice pictures sit outside chair.

<Ii Fornaio>
Bergamo Italia Delicatessen

Beautifully presented pizzas line up in the shop window. Many tourists are taking pictures. And local regulars come to buy one after another and it is very busy. Let’s eat first.

<Panificio Tresoldi>
Bergamo Italia Delicatessen

The nice looking bread and grocery store on Colleoni Street. Locals come to buy every morning. The store sells pasta and ravioli, The cute looking Polenta e Osei is also recommended. 
Panificio Tresoldi

<IL Ducale>
Bergamo Italia Restaurant

When you ask the people in the city about the recommended restaurants, the name comes up first. The gentle Madame who welcomes you, her son is a chef, and beautiful daughters is in charge of service. Let’s have them explain Bergamo’s recommendations and order them all. The ravioli was especially delicious.

<Ristorante Pizzeria San Vigilio>
Bergamo Italia Restaurant

A scenic restaurant with views opposite the Citta Bassa on the hills of San Vigilio. Enjoy your meal while watching the mountains of Lombardy. Of course we recommend pizza, but pasta is also delicious. After all Italian pastas are wonderful.