The Beautiful Night

Brussels Belgium

The word for Brussels is a small international city, a small Paris. Located in the center of European countries, with good access, good English, good security and good fashion sense. And here is a gastronomic city, delicious seafood, delicious beer, french fries, and nice waffles. Best of all, there are many famous chocolate shops just a short walk through the city. But the purpose of your visit to the city is to meet the beautiful Grand Palace that shines at night.


<Grand Place >
Brussels Tourist Spot

When you first visit the city of Brussels and its arrival is after sunset. If you walk in a busy alley in this small town, you will find The Square. The Grand Palace and the surrounding Gothic architecture are lit up and shine in the night sky. The contrast between the light of the building and the black of the sky. It’s artificial, but incredibly beautiful. Let’s go see that with our own eyes.
Brussels Main Square, Grand-Place Grote Markt

<Les Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert>
Brussels Shopping Spot

A historic shopping arcade in front of “Brussel Centraal” Station. Famous shops in this area are lined up on both sides. The recommended route is to walk through the beautiful arcade where the light shines and head to the “IIot Sacre” district where there are many restaurants.
Galerie du Roi 5, 10000 Bruxelles

<L’Ecailler du Palais Royal>
Brussels Restaurant

A delicious restaurant in the gastronomic city of Belgium, where seafood is a specialty. It is located in a calm area, a little far from “Brussel Centraal”, not so many tourists, and has an elegant customers base. Enjoy wine and seafood mariage instead of beer in a fashionable outfit.
bodenbroekstraat 18, Brussels, Belgium

<A la mort Subite>
Brussels Restaurant Brasserie

The famous brasserie in the “IIot Sacre”. Enjoy a wide variety of Belgian beers and Belgian dishes. Some people drink only beer during the walk, and even one person can easily enter. The warm service of the female waiter is also impressive.
Rue Montagne-aux-Herbes Potagères 7 Brussels 1000, Belgium

<Le Cirio>
Brussels Restaurant Brasserie

The oldest brasserie in the area. Not only beer and food, but also sweets such as waffles are delicious. Meals are not the only attraction of this restaurant. The interior and furnishings of the historic store are also excellent and worth to visit.
Rue de la Bourse 18-20, Brussels 1000, Belgium

<Elisabeth エリザベス>
Brussels Chocolate

There are several stores in the city of Brussels. This is a select shop of a chocolate. Active in collaboration with well-known chocolatiers, It has a good reputation along with a stylish presentation.
Rue au Beurre 49, Brussels 1000, Belgium

<Hotel le Dixseptieme>
Brussels Hotel

The boutique hotel is located just outside the exit of “Brussel Centraal” Station. A nice hotel with less than 40 rooms is perfect for sightseeing starting from Brussels. We recommend the two rooms on the 5th floor,  both of which have bright sunlight from the windows and feel good. Many people like this kind of hotel.
Rue de la Madeleine 25, Brussels 1000, Belgium