Never Forget the Day

Dallas United States of America

Dallas is a big city in the southern United States. This is a city that developed significantly in the manufacturing industry in the middle of the 20th century. Today, it is one of America’s leading cities, known as the center of economy, culture and transportation. Historical buildings and cultural facilities in the downtown area. New office buildings and nice houses in the uptown area. The city that is more sophisticated than you can imagine, with a lot of restaurants and shops in it. However, many people remember the name Dallas for another reason. In 1963, make a trip to know “Never Forget the Day”.


<The Sixth Floor Museum >
Dealey Plaza Dallas

Near the Sixth Sense Floor Museum, there is a ❎ mark at the intersection of the roads. And many people stop and pray and take pictures. That is the Dealey plaza where President Kennedy was assassinated. This place that I saw repeatedly on TV etc. is much smaller than I had imagined. Many people stop here and visit the Sixth Floor Museum. This place will never be forgotten.

<Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek>
Dallas Hotel

The nice hotel where you can experience the elegant life of uptown. There is a waterside called Turtle Creek in a quiet area, which is perfect for a morning walk. The decoration is gorgeous, from the entrance to the dining room to the bar. Concierge’s advice is perfect for information around the hotel.
rosewood hotels

<Neiman Marcus>
Dallas Shop

Over 100 years of historic buildings that symbolize downtown. Neiman Marcus, one of America’s finest department stores, is here. Its clients are southern wealthy individuals who have succeeded in manufacturing. Dallas women are said to be elegant because not only this department store but also their customers are wonderful.

<Public School 214>
Dallas Restaurant

The restaurant in West Village, a fashionable area of Uptown. A wide variety of beers during happy hour And there is a casual food menu. The vintage tram that runs in front of the restaurant is also nice.
public school

<Eno’s Pizza Tavern>
Dallas Restaurant

A thin, crunchy and beautiful pizza. Excellent compatibility with abundant beer. The bar counter on the 2nd floor of the restaurant has a nice atmosphere. Let’s make a reservation.
enos pizza

<Corner Bakery Cafe>
Dallas Cafe

An American cafe at Downtown West End Station. Four thick pancakes and eggs and bacon are great for breakfast. Let’s start the day by eating a lot while watching the train.
corner bakery cafe

<Dallas Farmers Market>
Dallas Shop

America where you can buy organic food anywhere. Still, the freshness and flavor of the farmer’s market food is exceptional. It is attractive that you can buy it directly from the producer of a small farm. There are cafes and restaurants in the area, so let’s visit for lunch as well.
dallas farmers market

<We are 1976>
Dallas Shop

A family-owned printing shop founded in 1976. Old-fashioned printing presses are still in operation at the entrance of the store, printing well-designed graphics nicely. It’s fresh for those who only know leather printers.
we are 1976