The Quiet Sea

Trouville & Deauville Normandy  France

The Place full of life only during the summer. About 2 hours by train from Paris. Deauville and Trouville are also available for day trips. Many people come to the sea to change their mood from Paris. The two towns are located on opposite banks across the river from the same station, and can be said to be one place. Deauville is also known as the 21st district of Paris, and there are Casinos in the luxury villa area. Trouville is a lovely city with casual restaurants and a fish market. The Normandy region is also attractive for its architecture and food culture. Enjoy in the daytime on the gorgeous beaches and it’s early morning meet beautiful horses on “The Quiet Sea”.


<La Plage de Deauville>
Deauville France Sightseeing

Early in the morning, when the sun shines through the clouds. Head to La Plage in front of Hotel Barriere Normandy. The beach still sleeping. However, if you look closely, you can see the horse on the beach. As we approach, the racehorses at Deauville Racecourse are training. You can come and go quickly, or walk side by side in the sea. Beautiful horses. A beautiful silhouette that emerges from the backlight of the morning sun in silence. “The Quiet Sea” A beautiful moment that will remain in your memory forever.

<Place du Marche>
Deauville France Sightseeing

Take the first express train from Saint-Lazare station in the early morning in time for the market’s opening hours. It is said to be a market for tourists, but it is an important place that locals also use. Go to the cheese shop Chez Madeleine, opposite the market and choose Normandy cheese (Camembert cheese). A walk from the station leads to this market, Hotel Barriere and the beach.

<La Marche Aux Poissons>
Deauville France Sightseeing

The busiest fish market in the area. A lot of fresh fish and brasserie lined up, I would be happy if I could sit on the terrace on a sunny day. Have the selected seafood cooked, squeeze a lot of lemon juice, Let’s enjoy with white wine.

<Hotel Barriere Le Normandy>
Deauville France Hotel

The most famous hotel in Normandy, not just Deauville. On the way from the station to this hotel you will find all the nice shops in the city, including the Hermes shop. The entrance is on the opposite side of the sea, so let’s see the Normandy architecture from the sea side as well.

<Le Vieux Normand>
Trouville France Restaurant

The crepe “Galette” is a specialty of Normandy and Bretagne on the northwestern coast of France. It’s fast, cheap and very delicious. The sweet crepe, which can be called a dessert, is also delicious. And let’s drink the famous apple cider and Calvados.

<Boulangerie Le Central>
Trouville France bakery

Very delicious boulangerie loved by the locals. When I asked to take this local specialty apple pie and eat it on the train, a woman wrapped it very nicely.

<La Perle des Dieux>
Trouville France Shop

Beautifully and cutely packed cans are perfect for gifts. The headquarters is Vendee, and several stores from Brittany to Normandy. There are many types of colorful canned foods, some of which have a surprising taste. The shop staff doesn’t speak English, but they are very kind.