The Scandinavian Design

Helsinki Finland

Scandinavian design, this word is deeply ingrained in our memory. People who are interested in design sometimes look at the product and say, “This is Scandinavian.” It’s Scandinavian style varies from industrial products to interiors and fashion. Especially at Helsinki Airport, the typography is easy to understand and the design is perfect. What kind of living environment does the wonderful design come from? Walk through one of the world’s leading design cities and find out why.


<Helsinki Central Library Oodi>
Helsinki Sightseeing

This is an area where Helsinki’s public facilities, Finnish National Gallery Kiasma, Museum of Finnish culture & history and Musiikkitalo are located. The building with an exceptionally large scale and unique appearance. This is the Helsinki Central Library Oodi. The first floor is an art space, shops and cafes, the second floor is a classroom where you can study various things, the 3rd floor is a library and a place for children to learn. The facility with many functions, what is surprising is that many people visit from early morning. This educational environment was the foundation of a high cultural standard.
oodi helsinki

<Studio Aalto>
Heisinki Sightseeing

The atelier built by Mr. Alvar Aalto at the age of 57, it is now the office of the Foundation. The highlight of the building is how to take in natural light, and it is an outdoor circular theater that can be seen from the curved glass inside. By all means, let’s visit at the time of the guide in the morning. Then walk through the beautiful houses of this area and visit two small museums, The name Didrichsenin Taidemuseo and Villa Gyllenberg Taidemuseo. Then take Uber to “The Aalto House”.
Didrichsen museum

<Iittala & Arabia Design Centre>
Helsinki Sightseeing

The facility renovated from an old Arabia factory. At the museum on the upper floors, you can see an archive of products by age. The changes in design influenced by that era and society are interesting. The shops in the facility have not only current products but also vintage products.
designcentr ehelsinki

Helsinki Sauna

Helsinki’s famous sauna and restaurant complex is also a wonderful modern building. The sauna can be enjoyed by both men and women by wearing swimwear. Many people enter the sea after the smoke sauna, but be careful as the water is really cold after October. The place to get off is also slippery. After enjoying the sauna, have a beer at the scenic restaurant.

<Ravintla OlO>
Helsinki Restaurant

The modern restaurant that offers only courses for dinner. Beautiful presentations and interesting taste are the styles that are appreciated by foodies around the world. And the seasonings have a little Japanese flavor, and all the dishes are sophisticated. It’s a wonderful food memory in Helsinki.

<Cafe Engel>
Helsinki Cafe

The classical cafe in the best place to see the symbols of Helsinki. Engel, the German architect who worked on the renovation of the beautiful Helsinki Cathedral and the building of this cafe. It’s a famous cafe named after his name Engel. It’s busy all day, but It’s recommend early in the morning. Breakfast with a view of the beautiful cathedral, and tart is recommended among the many cakes.

<Lapland Hotel Bulevardi>
Heishinki Hotel

You can walk to the center of Helsinki from this boutique hotel, And it is close to the tram stop. The design is a fusion of Lapland’s wildness and modernity. The feature is that some rooms have a private sauna. It’s a small sauna, but it’s a Scandinavian culture. Breakfast is a nice menu with a wide variety of dishes that is typical of Helsinki.
lapland hotels