The Rajasthan Culture

Jaipur Rajasthan India

The first place to visit outside the big cities of India. It’s Rajasthan’s Jaipur. The kingdom once fought for supremacy. The walled city that retains its remnants is also known as Pink City. All the colors you see here are powerful. Especially the women in bright clothes are impressive. A place where you can still experience traditional culture in the rapidly modernizing India. “THE RAJASTHAN CULTURE” You should visit as soon as possible and remember this beautiful place.


<Amber Forts>
Jaipur World heritage Travel Spot

A walled city where the capital of the kingdom was once located. The strong wall is built on a huge hill on the outskirts of Jaipur. It’s scale is the largest of all historical heritage sites. A guide is required here, book an elephant taxi in advance and head for the hilltop castle in the morning. The interior of the castle is impressed by the bright white marble and bright decoration. And if you look at the mountaintop from inside the castle, you can see the Jaigarth castle.

<Hawa Mahal>
Jaipur Travel Spot

A symbol of the town in the most beautiful pink area of the old town. It used to be part of the City Palace, where Maharaja still lives. The building facing the street has more than 950 small windows, which were made for women to look out over the city. Don’t just look at it from the street, let’s go inside and see.
Hawa Mahal

<Rambagh Palace>
Jaipur Hotel

It’s a great story to step into this palace hotel after being fascinated by the city. This historic building and garden can accommodate the heritage of Rajasthan, built in the 1800s. A tour of the hotel, an evening performance in the garden, a java spa, and a pool. Everything is wonderful. The hospitality of the staff is also outstanding, and the purpose of the next trip is to visit this place again

<The Oberoi Rajvilas>
Jaipur Hotel

Leave the old town “Pink city” center and arrive at the walled entrance. A special time starts when you enter through this gate. This is not a base for sightseeing, but a place to heal your tiredness on the last day of your visit to Jaipur. A number of quiet cottages in a vast site. It’s a contrast with the lively old town. It’s a relaxing time in a beautiful place.

<Gem Palace>
Jaipur Jewelry shop

Probably the best in Jaipur, the world-famous jewelry shop. All products have an elegant and timeless design, And simple beauty that is not too excessive. It has deep ties with overseas and has many celebrities as customers. We recommend a single stone ring, Don’t forget this when looking for a memorable item from Jaipur.

<Jewels Emporium>
Jaipur Jewelry Shop

The shop and the workshop are in the same building, and it is interesting to understand the jewelry manufacturing process. There are many products and you can buy them as they are. You can also choose your favorite jewels and have them made in the workshop. Believe it or not, it may be delivered to the hotel the day after the request.

<Samode Haveli>
Jaipur Restaurant Hotel Spa

The mansion, built over 150 years ago, operates as a restaurant, pool & spa, and accommodation. When you go up the stairs at the entrance and go inside, it’s a wonderful world. It is possible to use only the restaurant, so let’s go for lunch.

<Hot Pink>
Jaipur Shop

The shopping complex that sells fashionable clothes, accessories and furniture in Jaipur. A number of items that add European essence to Indian handicrafts are fascinating. The place where you can definitely find what you want.