The Complex Culture

Kaohsiung  Taiwan

Taiwan, the most popular tourist destination for Japanese people. The reason why Taiwan is so popular is its delicious food, nice spa and city atmosphere. Many people visit not only Taipei and Tainan, but also cities such as Jiufen and Sun Moon Lake. Kaohsiung is the big city in the southern part of Taiwan. In 2019, a large-scale art center opened in the city. And there are many art spots in the city. Kaohsiung’s contemporary art is evolving day by day, and there are many types. See the changing Kaohsiung! That is the purpose of the trip.


<National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts-Weiwuying>
Kaohsiung Taiwan Art Center

The art center is a building on a much larger scale than you can imagine. If you want to take a picture of the whole building with a camera, you have to use a wide-angle lens from a distance. Walk around the building and look at it from different angles. It turns out that the huge building is not symmetrical. This complex and attractive design is the work of Dutch mechano architects. Inside, there is an opera house vineyard where various performances are held. And the highlight is the illumination of the open-air seats that you can see from the grassy park at 

<The Pier2 Art Center>
Kaohsiung Taiwan Culture complex

An art spot that has been renovated from a warehouse district. The Dayi Street and Yangheng District are especially popular. Starting from Light Rail Hamasen Station, go to the Warehouse district, Kaohsiung Exhibition Center Station, and visit the Kaohsiung Exhibition Center and Kaohsiung Main Public Library. Many interesting architectures can be seen from the train.

<Formosa Boulevard Station>
Kaohsiung Taiwan Sightseeing

A station famous for its beautiful light shows. Known as an Instagram spot for its stained glass and its illumination. Check out the time of the music and light show and visit.

Kaohsiung Taiwan Hotel

Fashionable bed and breakfast is also popular in Taiwan. This is the most convenient place in Kaohsiung. The nice little room is functionally designed with shelf positions and storage space. Breakfast is simple and very good.

<SMOKEY JOE’S Apartment>
Kaohsiung Taiwan Hotel

A fashionable boutique hotel. Perhaps it’s an American image of the 1960s, and pop art culture is also mixed. Very interesting design, good breakfast and reasonable price are better than the famous hotel chains. The location is also excellent.

Kaohsiung Taiwan Sweets

A Simple and fresh Douhua. There are no special decorations or arrangements. It’s very delicious and one of the best sweets in Taiwan. 「金桔氷豆花」 is a menu you definitely want to eat.

Kaohsiung Taiwan Restaurant

A popular hot pot shop in Kaohsiung. The menu is rich in variety and full of volume. It’s a style of cooking and eating right in front of you. Most local young people order meat pots, but the seafood is also delicious. After eating, buy tea at the next drink bar, Winnie Drinker.

<REVEL 瑞福珈琲>
Kaohsiung Taiwan Cafe

A coffee shop located far from the center. Coffee is also very popular in Kaohsiung! Both espresso coffee and drip coffee are great. Have a nice cup of coffee at a nice cafe.