The Synergistic Effect

Les Halles Paris France

Les Halles, the center of public transport in Paris. Many people used Châtelet station and Les Halles station as places only for transfers. There used to be a market in this convenient place. The landmarks were said to be the Pompidou Center and Agnes b. In 2016, the magnificent glass roof “The Canopy” appeared there. The huge wave glass roof that covers the large mall gave a cultural landscape. Now, new shops are opening in the area influenced by this wonderful existence.


<Agnes b>
Les Halles Paris Shop

Les Halles’s Agnès b., Paris’s Agnès b., World’s Agnès b. It started from this boutique that opened in 1975. If you come to Paris and visit this main store of Rue du Jour, you will find out all about the brand. A wonderful presence that symbolizes French casual. The “The Synergistic Effect” that makes me even more wonderful is Les Halles’s Agnes b.

<Jack Gomme>
Les Halles Paris Shop

The bag brand using rubber material that started in 1985. Popular as a lightweight, water resistant, high performance bag, all produced in France. There are many items that can be used in unisex, and the colors are nice, so it will be a good accent for coordination.

<Constantin Brancusi>
Les Halles Paris Museum

The museum that relocated the atelier of Brancusi, a Romanian sculptor. There is his work that expresses the object with simple colors and shapes. The works that eliminate unnecessary decorations and the tools that made them are interesting.

<La Poule Au Pot>
Les Halles Paris Restaurant

The historic restaurant where Pot-au-feu is The specialty is now supervised by Jean-Francois Pieges. In recent years, not only this area but also The restaurants have been refreshed. Popular restaurant that require reservation is so delicious.

Les Halles Paris Cafe

The small three-story cafe that is open the early in the morning on rue Montmartre. The white and stylish exterior and nice interior, especially the breakfast at the table on the 3rd floor is wonderful.

<Au Pied de Cochon>
Les Halles Paris Brasserie restaurant

Old-fashioned Les Halles, old restaurants are also attractive in Paris. The restaurant that has been loved by people in this area for a long time. Many tourists visit now, 24/7/365, very large serving meals. The specialty is pork leg and onion soup.

<Boulangerie Julien>
Les Halles Paris Bakery

Where is the best boulangerie in Paris? Some people say that this is delicious. A lot of bread is lined up from early morning. Baguettes and sandwiches made with them are recommended.

Les Halles Paris Shop

This cookware specialty store may be due to the food market in Les Halles 50 years ago. Buildings that stand out even from a distance are attractive. There is everything about cooking in the store, so find something you want to use.

<Hotel Le Presbytere>
Les Halles Paris Hotel

The small entrance on Rue de la Verrerie street, which is full of shops and restaurants. There is a nice boutique hotel here. Go up the narrow stairs and a small reception. But the room is very nice. A nice Parisian room where everyone wants to live.