The Winter into Spring

Moscow Russia

Moscow is one of the leading cultural city, visited by many tourists from all over the world. Religion, literature, music, and theater, all developed over a long history, are all in this city. And the food culture that everyone will be enjoy here. The first thing that surprises overseas travelers is the large-scale roads that are not see in other cities. The transportation infrastructure is well maintained and well cleaned. The site of the tourist spot is larger than you can imagine, so let’s walk a lot of beautiful cities. If you want to visit this wonderful place, we recommend the beautiful spring at the end of April. The slightly cold breeze feels good, and the warm sunlight and bright fresh green promise a wonderful trip.


<Radisson Cruise Flotilla Radisson Royal>
Moscow Tourist spot

The popular sightseeing cruise around the Moskva River starting from Hotel Radisson. It runs all day, so you can choose any time you like, but the best course is with dinner, which departs in the evening and returns in the night. The ship departs under the still bright sky. The color of the sky gradually changes to orange. After passing the midpoint, the color of the sky changed from blue to deep blue. The illuminated bridge and cityscape are really beautiful.

<Tolstoy Museum>
Moscow Museum

Located in a the big city. Seen from the road side, it is a humble mansion that remains in a small forest. This is where Tolstoy spent his later years and wrote “Resurrection.” The building is well preserved, with a study room, dining room, and a small room for servants, so you can see about life at that time. Check and see Tolstoy’s novels or movie before visiting.

<Bolshoi Theatre>
Moscow Theatre

There are so many theaters in Moscow. From the day you decide to visit Moscow, check out the theaters and performances that will be screened. It is also good to decide the travel date according to the performance you want to watch. The reality is that popular programs are sold out quickly. Of course, check out the most famous Bolshoi Theater performances. The Bolshoi Theater building at night is also beautiful.

Moscow Department Store Shop

The historic shopping mall in the center of Moscow. The beautiful atrium, glass ceiling, and three-line building are wonderful. Each floor is connected by an aerial corridor, and everything is here, including Moscow souvenirs. There is a beautiful light up around this building at night.

<Petroff Palace Hotel>
Moscow Hotel

The hotel is the Petrov Palace, a little far from the center of Moscow. The hotel and the surrounding park are very large sites. The buildings of each facility have a long history and have a characteristic design of this country. It’s a little old, but you can feel the history when you stay. There is also a spa and pool.

<PR Myasnitsky Boutique Hotel>
Moscow Hotel

A modern boutique hotel where you can feel the fashion of Moscow. It is made cool from the reception to the guest room. The hotel staff are very kind and wonderful. There are also nice cafes and restaurants around this hotel. Stay in such a nice hotel as well as a large hotel in Moscow.

Moscow Restaurant

When you come on a trip, let’s eat local specialties. Is caviar the representative of this area? That’s it. It is said that the freshness is the same within the EU, but it is not. This place is definitely better. The name of this restaurant is exactly the brand name of caviar. Ask the restaurant service staff for recommendations, Let’s eat two or more kinds. You’ll be amazed at their fresh taste.
beruga restaurant moscow

<White Rabbit>
Moscow Restaurant

The coolest restaurant in Moscow. Famous restaurants listed in restaurant guides around the world have a wonderful view. Cooking is in the category of modern Russian cuisine, with new taste combinations and innovative presentations. This is a perfect place for lovers to eat.

Moscow Restaurant

Neighboring Georgia feels more influenced by Central Asian culture than Russia. Let’s try the Georgian food in Moscow. Don’t miss the delicious fish soup and xinkali. There are very delicious.