The Urban Design from 1911

New Delhi  India 

Delhi, the capital of India, continues to develop. Nowadays, cows and horses rarely walk on the road as they used to, but the city is lively with lots of people. The road is a terrible traffic jam all day with cars and motorbikes. However, the area of New Delhi is very well maintained with the streets of the British rule. This area was created radially around Connaught Place. “The Urban Design from 1911” Great design made over 100 years ago using a roundabout and a one-way street. Start your journey from here.


<The Imperial Hotel New Delhi>
New Delhi Hotel

The Heritage Hotel, which retains the atmosphere of the British era, opened in 1936. The inside of the hotel gate is quiet and you can’t hear the noise of the city. Inside the colonial architecture, there is an elegant aroma of Fragonard. This is a hotel that Gandhi and Nehru once visited. Stay in a historic place and make wonderful memories of New Delhi.

<The Imperial Spa>
New Delhi Spa in The Imperial Hotel

This is a beautiful spa in the basement of the annex of the Imperial Hotel. This perfection should be treated and massaged before you go to bed. Let’s enter the bath and sauna before the treatment. For the first time, 90 minutes of the menu called Imperial Balance is recommended. Next is Shirodara. The tea after the treatment is also delicious.

<Khan Market>
New Delhi Tourist spot

Khan Market is New Delhi’s most attractive shopping spot. There are many nice shops here, so let’s plan to stay for half a day. Lifestyle shops Good Earth and Nicober are very nice. Ayurveda shop Kama is best for you, and Big Chili Cafe is a good for coffee break.
delhitourism khan_market
The Big Chill Cafe

<Santushti Shopping Complex>
New Delhi Tourist spot

This is a shopping complex that collects sophisticated individual stores in New Delhi. It’s comfortable because it’s in the green trees. This shop is the best for Anoki in Jaipur. Don’t miss San-cha Tea, which is famous for its tea.

New Delhi Indian restaurant in ITC MAURYA HOTEL

Bukhara is New Delhi’s most traditional and perfect Indian restaurant. The locals are also the best in Delhi and are incredibly crowded. Even if you make a reservation, you will have to wait, but it is still worth the wait.

<Amour Bistro>
New Delhi Restaurant

Italian food is popular in India, where there are many vegetarians. Pizza and pasta with a wonderful spice scent are very delicious. Fashionable young people from New Delhi are gathering here.

New Delhi Shop

Code is an Indian brand with stores in Delhi and Mumbai. Natural materials and handcrafted embroidery and patchwork are interesting. The bags and accessories are also nice. This area called Lodi Colony is popular these days.

New Delhi Spice Shop

India has the best variety and quality of spices in the world. Garam masala, salad masala and oregano are wonderful. It’s a little far from the center, but if you come to this shop you’ll find everything.