The Beautiful Green

Ninh Binh Vietnam

Vietnam’s economy is developing rapidly, and big cities such as Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi are being modernized. However, the original scenery of Southeast Asia in our memory is the deep green world that we once saw in the movies “Indochine” and “The Scent of Green Papaya”. People live in quiet watersides, rice fields, and raise goats and ducks. The place called Ninh Binh still has that life. Ninh Binh is located between the characteristic mountains, about 150km by car from Hanoi. There are many famous places in it. As the car approaches Tam Coc, the center of Ninh Binh, a beautiful green world emerges and a wonderful journey begins.


<Trang An Grottoes>
Ninh Binh Vietnam Sightseeing

A boat tour of the river that runs through the steep mountains of Ninh Binh. The boat rowed by a female boatman spends a couple of hours on a quiet river, visiting small temples, limestone caves, and the filming site of the movie King Kong. And you can dee various animals. This landscape you meet is very special and can only be seen here.

<Tam Coc>
Ninh Binh Vietnam Sightseeing

Located in the center of Ninh Binh tourism, there are various shops around. A place called Halong Bay on land, with a wide range of characteristic strange stones and rice fields. If Trang An is a river tour between steep mountains, then Tam Coc is a river tour between mountains and farmland. The surrounding area is a rice paddy field, and the color of the plants changes greatly depending on the season.

<Chua Bai Dihn>
Ninh Binh Vietnam Pagoda 

A huge Buddhist temple that can be proud not only in this country but also in the world. The erection dates back to the Joseon Dynasty in China and originates from a small temple on the mountain. It takes about 2 hours to walk the vast grounds from the entrance to the mountain with a female guide. The night illumination is very famous. 

<Co Do Hoa Lu>
Ninh Binh Vietnam Temple

An ancient city where the capital was once located here. The scale has the impression of a small temple, with no remnants of medieval glory. However, this is an important place in history. An hour may be enough, but I want to get in touch with the culture.

<Aravinda Resort Ninh Binh>
Ninh Binh Vietnam Hotel

It is located far from the center of Ninh Binh. There is no excessive production, but the warm smiles of the staff are waiting. It is a style of staying in a cottage, which is built around the pool in the center of the site. The view outside from the front cottage is amazing, Lotus leaves and mountains spread out over the rich waterside. This is the scenery of this place that we can never forget. The lotus flowers displayed by the female staff at the reception in the morning are also beautiful.

<Thang Guong>
Ninh Binh Vietnam Restaurant

A family-run restaurant located near the ancient city of Co da Hoa Lu. Ninh Binh’s specialty is goats. There is a recommended course, which includes goat and burnt rice. The woman here can understand a little English, so let’s ask her for recommendations.