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Opera Paris France

The opera area is most popular with tourists visiting Paris. There are many offices of overseas companies, so it is a good place for foreigners to stay. This area has the largest number of hotels in Paris and has a wide price range, perfect for tourists. In addition, there are many restaurants and cafes, and there are also many Asian restaurants. This is a travel hub, a radial street starting from the beautiful Opera Garnier, which leads to Madeleine, Vendome, Louvre, Palais Royal and Grands Boulevards. Walk one by one and learn the map of the right bank of Paris.


<Opera Garnier>
Opera Theater

The Baroque theater, built in the 19th century, is the place of the “Phantom of the Opera” that everyone knows. At night, the building is lit up and beautifully illuminated. If you stay near here, you can see beautiful operas many times a day. Also, the breakfast at Cafe de la Paix next door is excellent. This cafe is designed by Charles Garnier, the same as the opera. If it’s not your first time in Paris, come on the day of the program you want to see the opera.

<Le Grand Cafe Capucines>
Opera Cafe Restaurant

The time when tourists arrive in Paris is irregular. However, tourists want to eat in a Parisian place even at night when they arrive. This is a travel hub, Le Grand Cafe in the opera area, Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A table and plenty of Parisian food that is always available.

<Le Vaudeville>
Opera Brasserie

A restaurant that is visited not only by tourists but also by locals. Moreover, a cozy restaurant is good. Le Vaudeville, which celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2018, has a beautifully redecorated store. The Parisian brasserie offers a classical atmosphere and delicious food. Breakfast is also recommended.

<Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann>

Opera Department Store

The highlight is the interior of the main building, one of the most beautiful atriums in the world. This area has a main building, a men’s building, and a gourmet building. The quick lunch of cinco jotas in the basement of the gourmet hall is delicious. This is famous for Iberian ham in Spain. 

<Musee du Parfum Fragonard>
Opera Musum

A perfume brand based in Grasse, Cote d’Azur, Southern France. The brand produces organic products from flowers from Southern France. At this museum, you can learn about the history, efficacy, and manufacturing method of scents. You will love perfume when you come here.

Opera Shop

The main store of the world-famous ballerina shoes is this La Paix street shop. Many models are lined up and have a good reputation for ease of wearing, and perfect for walking around Paris. Let’s buy it as a memory of opera theater.

<Figaret >
Opera Shop

A shirt brand founded in 1968. The first store is this La Paix Street store. There are now nearly 30 stores selling French chic designs at good prices. Both men’s and ladies’ designs are timeless.

<Le Ballu>
Saint-Lazare Hotel

It is quite far from the opera area and north of Saint-Lazare station. For convenience, it’s not a travel hub, A nice hotel to recommend to those who have come to Paris many times. The guests are also fashionable, so want many people to know.

<Hotel Indigo Paris>
Opera Hotel

Inter-Continental Group’s global hotel brand. Modern, casual and popular, with great location. The cost performance is high, and the top floor is a nice maisonette.

<Hotel Westminster>
Opera Hotel

Located on La Paix street, Cartier has a store on the first floor of the hotel. If you like the classic atmosphere, this hotel is recommended, especially the rooms on the top floor are luxurious. The concierge is great, so ask for restaurant arrangements.

<Hotel Scribe Paris Opera>
Opera Hotel

Located at the intersection of Scribe and La Paix streets, this hotel has a Parisian atmosphere. Great for those who like a calm atmosphere, The location is the best. The exterior has been renovated and cleaned several years ago.