The Good Morning

Montmartre Paris France

Open the window on the north side of the hotel in Paris, and you will see the Sacre Coeur Basilica shining white on the hill of Montmartre. It’s beautiful appearance that stands out in the clear blue sky is one of the symbols of Paris. Paris is the number one tourist destination in the world, which is full of tourists, and it is also a noisy city. Among them, when you think of Montmartre, you might imagine an artist’s atelier in the olden days, and a residential area until a while ago. Now it is becoming a hot area. If you hear that new restaurants have opened recently, some of them are in this area. Also known as Soppy (South of Pigalle), from the Grand Boulevard to Pigalle, on the south side of the Montmartre hill. Old-fashioned restaurants co-existing, delicious meals at reasonable prices, and warm customer service are nice. Let’s go to this area, which will be a new gastronomic district in the near future.


<Basilique du Sacre-Cour>
Montmartre Paris Sightseeing

The “Le Funiculaire de Montmartre” rail platform, which opens at 6:00 in the early morning. Take a cable car with few people to the top of a steep hill. Enter the entrance of the Sacre Coeur and go up the spiral staircase that only one person can pass through. It’s feels like a short trip in the city of Paris. The view below is superb. This pleasant air of this place and the openness of the wide sky, and the beautiful Paris with few tall buildings. The city of Paris you walked every day, Ile de la Cite, Seine river, Montparnasse Tower, and Eiffel Tower. “The Good Moning” Let’s start walking today.

<Hotel Particulier Montmartre>
Montmartre Paris Hotel

When you open the secret gate on the hill, it’s a special place. This is a mansion once owned by Hermes what is famous brand. The beautiful world that has been renovated into a hotel. Not only as a hotel, it is also used for lunch parties for a limited number of people. Staying here will be one of the most wonderful experiences in Paris.

Montmartre Paris Restaurant

The restaurant where you can meet two lovely female chefs and great male service. The story that begins with the appetizer is elegant, and beautiful all dishes and you can enjoy dessert also. The nice place that you will want to visit again and again.

<Le Coq Rico>
Montmartre Paris Restaurant

One of the most popular restaurant in Montmartre. Breath chicken is a specialty, and it is good to visit and share with 4 or more people. Appetizers and desserts are also wonderful. Wine is also reasonably priced, so ask your chicken to choose a brand that goes well with it.

Montmartre Paris Restaurant

There is no menu, select the number of sophisticated course meals, and tell if there are ingredients that you are not good at. Choose a wine pairing course and the story will start even better. It’s a style that is becoming mainstream all over the world. Swiss chef Loran’s team is evolving to increase Michelin stars.

Montmartre Paris Grocery store

The fresh fish shop on the hillside of Montmartre. While selling fish from the morning, with several kinds of hot soups and It sells hot wine. The staff recommends a seat in the corner with a smile. Here is the everyday life of the people of Montmartre.

<Boulangerie Alexine>
Montmartre Paris Bakery

One of the famous boulangerie in this area. Local customers are constantly coming to buy from the morning. All are reasonably priced and amazing. We recommend croissant pomme and eclair chocolate. Let’s eat croissants as soon as you buy them.