The Attractive Winter

Donostia – San Sebastian Basque

San Sebastian is famous as a gastronomic town. A wonderful city that is one of the most popular resort spot in Europe. This spring-summer tourist destination is also attractive in winter. Take Renfe from Barcelona, which is warm even in winter, and head for San Sebastian with the Pyrenees on your right. The scenery from the train window gradually changes to a mountainous area. After passing the area where goats and sheep graze, you will arrive at a bright destination. The feeling of openness outside Donostia station, a very enjoyable trip starts from here.


<Monte Urgull>
Saint Sebastian View Point

The hilltop observatory overlooks the city of San Sebastian and La Concha Bay. Santa Clara Island is at the entrance to the bay, and Angry waves are breaking into the rocks. This strong wave scene is beautiful and unforgettable. Seeing the Basque flag and the city from here will give you an opportunity to become interested in history.

<Hotel Maria Cristina>
San Sebastian Hotel

The biggest attraction of this city is “gourmet food”, a historic hotel that contributes to its progress. The classic and beautiful appearance is a symbol of the city. At the reception, the staff introduce us to a lovely bar in the city and suggest to rent a bicycle, which is very kind. Breakfast is a nice buffet style, made with local ingredients. The hospitality of the staff is also wonderful. Visiting this hotel is the purpose of visiting this beautiful San Sebastian.
Hotel Maria Cristina

San Sebastian Restaurant

A number of wonderful dishes created by female chef Elena. Those who visit after hearing its reputation will know that it was correct. All dishes are colorful and beautiful. Many famous restaurants other than Arzak in this city are closed in winter, so if you want to eat seasonal food in winter, this is the place. It takes about 10 minutes by taxi from the center of the city.

San Sebastian Bar

The old town where the bars are gathered is very compact. There are many bars among them, and the first one to visit is this Gandarias. Let’s start with beautiful pinchos and txakoli.

San Sebastian Bar

The modern, slender design of the bar is popular for its new ideas, pintxos. Pinchos are beautiful and lovely. Visiting bars where you can enjoy eating while walking. Next to this is the sister bar, Atari, which has a terrace.

<La Cepa>
San Sebastian Bar

When you enter the shop, a lot of prosciutto is hung from the ceiling. This is a restaurant famous for its delicious prosciutto. The restaurant with a history of more than 70 years, the menu other than Pinchos is also wonderful. Especially “Arroz con almejas” is delicious so let’s eat it. There are table seats in the large store so you can relax.
La Cepa

<La Vina>
San Sebastian Bar

It may be the most famous San Sebastian bar in Japan. Basque cheese cake is so famous that no one knows it. The original is “Tarta de queso” in this shop, and this wonderful cheesecake is not only delicious immediately after baking, but also delicious when eaten chilled in the hotel refrigerator the next morning.
La Vina

<Cristobal Balenciaga Museum>
Getaria Museum

Getaria, the birthplace of Balenciaga, a leading fashion designer of the 20th century. His birthplace remains in a small fishing village next to San Sebastian. The Museum of Modern Architecture was added there. Here you can tell the story of how he started as a tailor apprentice and his dress became the best fashion icon of the 20th century.
Cristobal Balenciaga Museoa