The Advanced Concession

French Concession Territory  Shanghai China

Shanghai, the world’s largest economic city. It’s gorgeousness is the skyscraper in Pudong and the Western architecture that remains on the Bund. The Shanghai Acrobatic Troupe and the Chinese spa are also wonderful. However, the real attraction is Shanghai, which continues to change. All motorcycles in the city are electric, and public buses are also shifting to electric. People are interested in fashion, design, art, and modern architecture. Shanghai fashion is at the cutting edge. The center of the culture is the concession area on the west side. Visit the wonderful place where new things are born.


Shanghai  Tourist spot

Many Western architecture remains in the former French Concession. There are many wonderful towns such as Wukang Road and Tianzfang Anfukuji is the most beautiful from evening to night. When the sun goes down, a nice shop lights up. Many people gather in cafes and bars, and the atmosphere is excellent. The fashion of the people who gather here is also wonderful.

<Prada Rong Zhai>
Shanghai  Tourist spot

Historical architecture that Prada has renovated over the years. Currently, it is operated as a gallery for a limited time. Let’s check the schedule of the exhibition.

Shanghai  Tourist spot

A contemporary art spot using an old building on the site of a factory. The works of up-and-coming artists are mainly exhibited in the gallery. There are also cafes and restaurants, which are very popular. And the “1000 Trees Shanghai” under construction in this area is the most innovative in terms of design and concept. Check it out on the web before you visit. 

<Hengshan Moller Villa>
Shanghai Hotel

A hotel for those who want to stay at a classic hotel in Shanghai. Built in the 1930s, the Western-style hotel is a convenient base for sightseeing and is convenient to go anywhere. The staff are kind and can speak English. The atmosphere of the restaurant in the annex is also good.

<Capella Shanghai Jian Ye Li>
Shanghai Hotel

A great hotel opened in 2017 in “Jian Ye Li”, The 1930s Shanghai residential and architectural heritage reserve area. The hotel name is Capella Shanghai. On the left side of the entrance is Pierre’s restaurant, the reception in the building ahead of the courtyard, and the villa and spa on the beautiful alley. And the guests who visit are also wonderfully fashionable. There are many 5 star hotels in Shanghai, but this hotel is the best of all.

<Lao Ji Shi>
Shanghai Restaurant

The most delicious restaurant in Shanghai. There is a conflict between the desire to know a beautiful and delicious restaurant and the desire not to know it. It’s crowded anyway and you need to make a reservation even late. There are several stores in the city, but this one in the French Concession is the best.

<Zen Massage>
Shanghai Spa Massage

A fashionable massage shop in the French Concession. It is often used by Westerners and can speak English. Reservations will be accepted in English over the phone.

<Label Hood>
Shanghai Shop

A select shop that manages several stores mainly in Shanghai and is enthusiastic about discovering the newest brands. The owner also runs a festival where young designers can make presentations during Shanghai Fashion Week. Enter the store after pressing the intercom at the entrance.