The Great Tourist City

Suzhou China

Shanghai is a huge world city, and Suzhou is the closest tourist destination of Shanghai, which was described by Marco Polo as the oriental Venice. Once upon a time, Suzhou is a scenic city of water that specializes in silk fabrics, tea, and Shanghai crabs. Suzhou is now a little over 30 minutes from Shanghai by high-speed train, and Suzhou is the first choice when it comes to going somewhere with someone. Standing in front of Suzhou Station, the luxuriously lit Castle Gate is the prosperity of Suzhou today. And the Shanghai crab in Yangcheng Lake is still wonderful. If you visit in autumn, you can meet the best taste.


<Qianshui wan area Restaurant, Pin Xian cun or Xie tian xie>
Suzhou Yangcheng Lake Restaurant

About 30 minutes by taxi from Suzhou Station, drive on the highway to reach Yangcheng Lake. There are many Shanghai crab restaurants in Repulse Bay, which is located on the south side. Two of them are recommended, which are open next to each other. In the area right next to Yangcheng Lake, you can eat very large crabs at a reasonable price.

<Shan Tang Jie>
Suzhou Tourist Spot

When you come to Suzhou, let’s go to this area first. The lovely townscape along the waterway is a typical Suzhou landscape. There are many restaurants and shops and it is very popular. You can take great pictures. On the way, let’s take a break at the window seat of the Suzhou tea cafe “Shan tang yiye”.

<Zhuo Zheng Yuan>
Suzhou Garden

It is the largest garden in Suzhou and one of the most famous gardens in China. The highlight is the harmony with nature, and there are many beautiful architectures along the water. It’s so popular that it’s best to go early in the morning. Visit the nearby Suzhou Bowuguan and Shizi lin.

<Pingjianglu Road>
Suzhou Tourist Spot

A popular area about 10 minutes walk south of the Zhuozhengyuan. Let’s walk on the cobblestones where the old streets of the Tang Song dynasty remain. It is beautiful from evening to night, and you can walk to one of the most popular downtown areas called Guanqianjie.

<Panmen Scenic Area>
Suzhou Tourist Spot

The old Suzhou castle was once surrounded by walls. Of the eight castle gates at that time, this is the only existing gate. The elegant appearance is the most beautiful in Suzhou. The Ruiguang Tower can be reached upstairs by steep stairs.

<Pan Pacific Suzhou>
Suzhou Hotel

A hotel where you can experience the atmosphere of a Suzhou mansion. Enter the wall-like entrance of Suzhou Castle and proceed through the beautiful courtyard to become a villa-style accommodation building. The highlight of this hotel is early morning, quiet hours Walk to the Panmen Jingqu and take beautiful pictures.