The Aperol Spriz

Verona Italia

「Romeo and Juliet」, an eternal masterpiece performed in many films and theatrical performances. The author Shakespeare has never visited the beautiful city of Verona, is the World Heritage. Many people visit this city, which can be reached on a day trip from big cities such as Milan and Venice, and walk toward the Arena and the Juliet house. There are many cafes in the small old town, and the terrace seats are all full. Most tables have a glass of orange Aperol, the refreshing flavor is great. And when you walk to the Adige River, it is as beautiful as a scene from a movie. A beautiful Verona that will remain in your heart forever.


<Piazzale Castel San Pietro >
Verona Tourist Spot

The most famous photo of the city of Verona, a stunning shot under a clear sky, is taken on this hill. You can visit here even if the weather is bad, and you can meet wonderful scenery in any weather. In the early morning when the cable car is not moving, climb the steep stairs hard to the observatory. The sunrise over the water vapor rising from the Adige River. The sky turns into a beautiful orange like an Aperol.

<Aperol Spriz>
Northern Italy Specialty Drink

The symbol of the city, the Arena, the center of the city, Piazza delle Erbe. The tables on the terraces of those cafes are all orange glasses of Aperol. A beautiful cocktail from Venice is made with Aperol, Prosecco and Sparkling water and served with Orange slices. Let’s drink only this in this town

<Ponte di Pietra>
Verona Tourist Spot

A beautiful and memorable Verona, with a view of the old town from the opposite bank across this bridge. Pictures of the Adige River and Ponte Pietra can be taken in the morning with the sun behind. After shooting, let’s go to the cafe on the bridge in the old town, which is open early in the morning.

Verona Tourist Spot

The purpose of visitors to Verona is this wonderful arena. The arena, built in the 1st century AD, now hosts a variety of events every summer. And there are many cafes in front of the arena, which is popular for seeing the beautiful appearance. There are many closed days, so check the opening date before visiting.

<Castelvecchio & Ponte Scaligero>
Verona Museum Tourist Spot

The walls of the Scala family built in the 14th century. A strong Scaligero bridge over the Adige River that flows to the north, and a design that integrates the bridge, the walls, and the castle. It is interesting to walk along the Ponte Scaligero. The Museum of Historic Houses exhibits Verona paintings and sculptures. Exhibit contents and business hours need to be checked in advance.

<Ristorante Maffei>
Verona Restaurant

The lovely entrance in the courtyard, passing through the entrance to a historic building in the heart of the old town. Appetizers seasoned more than expected, Thick Pasta with simple tomato sauce not on the menu is perfect al dente. The taste of the Risotto is impressive. A great restaurant that will make you love Verona even more.

<Caffe Dante>
Verona Cafe

The people in the city recommended that it be a nice cafe that you can be satisfied with at any time of the day. The reason for its popularity is its excellent food and its location in a nice square. And the waiters are also professional, and many regular customers with elegant dogs are visiting.

<Le Suite Di Giulietta>
Verona B&B Hotel

The B and B. You can see Juliet’s veranda from the room, which is amazingly crowded. Take the elevator from the hard-to-find entrance. Then it is in front of the courtyard of Juliet’s veranda. The staff are very kind and will give you restaurant reservations and city information.